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The Weekender - A Guide to Pampering Your Pup | Amman

One of the greatest things in life is the companionship of a dog – but as the saying goes, the price of greatness is responsibility. You may not always have time to groom, feed or walk your dog, especially if you’re preoccupied with the demands of a hectic life. We, at Tip n’ Tag, know how that can be challenging. We’ve gathered a few places around Amman to make your life easier, and to give you the pleasure of pampering your …

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The Weekender - Amongst the Walls of 10 Art Galleries | Amman

There’s something quite serene about an art-filled hallway. An unmatched power that takes hold of us. Amongst the walls of art galleries, many of us find comfort. We, the Tip n’ Tag Team, have gathered a few captivating gems for you to take in and relish and the beauty of creative expression around Amman. Wadi Finan Art Gallery continuously fills its walls with the powerful works of Arab artists, creating an appetite for Middle Eastern artistic expression amongst the viewers. Aside from …

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The Weekender - 10 Nature Infused Getaways | Amman

When the city takes its toll on our psyche, we tend to go on vacations. Having reality tie us down most times can limit us from actually traveling. The Tip n’ Tag Team knows how it goes, and we’ve come to the rescue. We’ve gathered a few places out of Amman for you to relish nature and recharge your soul, before the inevitable coming of summer. Get out your sunflower seeds and melon seeds, this place is flocking with feathery creatures! …

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The Weekender - 36 Alternatives to Gym-ing | Amman

Nobody ever said that working out has to take the life out of you. We all know time flies when you’re having fun. Pick a workout that you like, and it won’t feel like you’re even doing it. If you’re bored with your normal routine, we’ve got you covered. The Tip n’ Tag team went out of its way so that you won’t have to, with a list of alternative exercises to keep your beast mode going strong. Yogis in …

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The Weekender - 15 Springtime City Escapes | Amman

Spring is here and you need a place to soak in the sun when you’re out with your friends. What better way to relish this weather than with a list of all the terraces where you can take in the day and sigh your worries away. Here’s The Tip n’ Tag Team’s guide on where you can grab a cold one, a bite to eat, or unwind with friends before the sun goes down. The beauty in Spring is that it …

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