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The Weekender – 10 Unique Airbnbs In Jordan

Everybody knows that Airbnbs are the savior of human kind. Traveling around has never been easier, and neither has been exploring cities. If you’re looking for unique Airbnbs in Jordan, you’re in luck. The Tip n’ Tag Team has searched far and wide to bring you the crème de la crème of the many unique destinations. Where will you be on your next vacation?

Beit Al Fannan | Irbid | Baraka Destinations

If you didn’t already know about it through Instagram, we’re here to spread the word. Beit Al Fannan, aka House of The Artist, boasts a narrative of creativity and exploration at the heart of Irbid. First designed by renowned architect Ammar Khammash as his private getaway from the city, it now welcomes expats and locals alike. Here, you can meditate, paint, or enjoy a cup of coffee to a spectacular view!

Bubble Luxotel | Wadi Rum

Lawrence of Arabia may not have had the luxury of staying at this airbnb, but if he did, then he sure would’ve. The Bubble Luxotel is one of Wadi Rum’s many gems, offering a unique vacation experience to all Martians on Earth. Between the air conditioner, translucent bedroom ceilings, WiFi and desert dunes, there’s not much to complain about.

House of Dreaming | Weibdeh

You may have heard of House of Dreaming through the many workshops they hold, or have discovered it walking down the streets of Weibdeh. But did you know they rented out rooms? This bohemian inspired community space offers yoga classes, music, and energy workshops among its art filled walls, and happens to be a great place to meet new people.

Mujib Chalets | Mujib | Wild Jordan Center

There’s really no better way to experience Jordan than with a unique travel destination. The lowest point on Earth is usually the first stop for anyone looking for a vacation. Skip the resorts and drop by Mujib Chalets. They’re a private getaway overlooking mountainous views kissing the shoreline. If ’round the clock access to the sea doesn’t make you bite, then maybe the hammocks will.

Beit Al Baraka | Umm Qais | Baraka Destinations

There are a lot of sites to see in Umm Qais, and a half day trip to the city really doesn’t do it justice. Beit Al Baraka, aka House of Blessings, operates on that basis. Not only does it overlook Yarmouk Forest Reserve and the neighboring Ottoman village, it is a great place to experience new things. Organize a trip to the beekeeper, go on a hike, or learn the art of basket weaving while you’re there!

Philodemus Campsite | Umm Qais | Baraka Destinations

Who knew a nomadic campsite would be on a list of Airbnbs in Jordan? Visitors camp at unique destinations every time around, as the site continuously relocates around the area. Breakfast is provided as are camping essentials, but don’t go pretending like you’re surprised that it’s out in nature.

Ajloun Forest Reserve | Ajloun

Located at the heart of Ajloun Forest Reserve lies one of the more interesting cabins in the Kingdom. Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of fresh air provided by the forest trees of this reserve? Although not your usual bed and breakfast, this Airbnb offers a unique sight into the topography Jordan has to offer. Hike through the woods, and visit the biscuit and soap houses.

Iraq Al Amir Guesthouse | Iraq Al Amir | Iraq Al Amir Women Cooperative Society

Iraq Al Amir Guesthouse acts as a way for travelers to experience Jordan, and one of its local communities as well. Being a short walk from the main attractions of the village, you’ll always be able to explore around. If you’re one for hiking, or visiting exclusive destinations, this might just be the thing for you. Plus, you’ll get to grab a meal and chat with the women of the society.

Petra Capsules Hostel | Ma'an

An initial disclaimer to all Tipsters reading this. Much like a capsule contains powder, so it does heat. Similar to Amsterdam’s CityHub, this hostel has an intriguing concept behind it. However, it may get a little stuffy when the weather isn’t fair outside. It is for the daring, and autumn, of course. Every capsule overlooks mountainous views of Ma’an, and is equipped with WiFi, charging docks and USB ports.

Mountain Breeze Lodge & Resort | Jala'ad

You won’t be getting cabin fever at this resort. There’s plenty to see and do around Mountain Breeze: when you’re not taking a dip in the pool, or playing paintball, you’ll be running after squirrels or charring marshmallows by the bonfire. They don’t bite, as far as we know. Neither the squirrels nor the marshmallows.

Where will you be spending your money?

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team