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The Cool Off Guide – Drinks and Desserts

Been feeling like you can’t survive the sweltering heat? We hope you’re keeping count, because Tip n’ Tag is here to save your summer once again. Take a break from all the swimming you’ve been doing, and cool off with this list of drinks (alcoholic or not) and desserts. Don’t let the heat get to you, Tipsters!

There are few drinks that are as good as the Bullfrog at La Calle. However, it is not for the faint of heart. If you’re a boozer, this bright blue drink will surely be your cup of tea. This heavy dose of alcohol will shock your senses and make you zigzag all the way through the night.

If you’re one with extravagant taste buds then head over to Lounge at Seven, their list of drinks is as fancy as their delightful bites. Enjoy a delightful concoction of Vodka, lime, and ginger beer while gazing into the dazzling views of Amman’s skyline.

Did you know that Copas Central has Sangrias on tap? The fresh combination of fruits and wine are a perfect summer treat. White, or red, pick your poison and beat the heat on their terrace one midsummer afternoon. 

Murphy’s is home to a nifty collection of cocktails inspired by 70’s rock music and its antics. Their Stairway to Heaven cocktail packs as much of a punch as its namesake. Knockback a couple rounds of this summery drink while chilling at their garden.

If you’ve been downing vitamin C tablets like Frank Gallagher downs his beer, then this drink is made to make your depressing diet a bit more interesting. Boost your immunity with Seed’s best-selling smoothie “C++” aka corona-shield, made with all fresh fruits with a dash of ginger and mint.

If you’re feeling despresso and you can’t seem to espresso yourself, then you might wanna sip on an Iced White Mocha at Melange. You’ll find yourself rhapsodizing every ounce of flavor served up, and if that white folk crack stresses you out – order a decaf.

You might recognizNutmeg for its iconic freakshakes – milkshakes that clearly got the Dr. Frankenstein treatment. That’s not to say they’re bad – au contraire, these are marvelous creations. Served in a jar, their milkshakes will shockingly amaze you with all the wacky additions Nutmeg packs into them.

Love alcohol and ice cream? On the Rocks specializes in making people’s dreams come true by offering various selections of alcoholic ice cream. Creamy, boozy and delicious, they’re a perfect companion for a rom-com night in or a weekend morning by the pool.

Ice cream never goes out of season, especially at Four Winters. Have you tried their eccentric liquid nitrogen ice cream? We prescribe you a dose of their luscious Knafeh flavored kind. If the weather’s got you feeling electrified, you might want to try what we like to call their “shock-a-lot” based flavors instead.

When it comes to sweet flavor combinations there’s nothing that beats good old cookie dough with a side of vanilla ice cream. Head over to My Cookie Dough to get your fix, they work very hard to turn your Amman infused frown upside down.

What’s cooler than being cool? ICE COLD.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team