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The Weekender – Things to Keep You Busy During Self-Isolation

Since the coronavirus pandemic started acting way out of control, the Jordanian government started urging people to stay home. Although being in quarantine can have you feeling bored, you can still keep yourself busy with our pick for things to do in self-isolation.

Mental Health Hotline

The times are tough, there’s no denying that. That’s why the Jordanian Association of Psychiatrists set up a hotline with a full team of specialists on the other end to guide you through internal crises.

*You can reach the hotline at +962795785095

Academic Databases

The wonderful world of academia doesn’t have to be out of reach. The Shoman Foundation is allowing everyone access into its EBSCO database, and with it a metric ton of knowledge.

*To gain access to the database, be sure to email your name and phone number to

Listen to local podcasts

Sure, you could listen to the radio, but why not discover the ever-growing podcasts scene in Jordan instead? Sowt are known for regularly putting out podcasts that touch upon relevant issues in the country. Browse through their repertoire that’s likely to keep you busy for far longer than 14 days!

Are you tired of the same radio personalities you hear everyday? is an online radio that broadcasts to the people, from the people. Who says the party has to stop during quarantine? Expect sessions of delicious underground techno from local and international artists alike.

Online Counseling @ 7 Cups

When the going gets tough, it helps to have a listening ear. On 7Cups, you can vent all you like (or offer an ear to a stranger in need), free of charge.

Learn Online

Being off of, well, everything for two full weeks, should give you enough time to pick up a few skills. Duolingo is a good app to use to learn languages, Udemy on the other hand offers a host of courses in any topic you can imagine. The cherry on top? Ivy League schools are offering free courses that you can take part in, at your leisure, or on specified dates.

Go on a virtual museum tour

You know what’s really great about going on virtual museum tours? No one is there to make fun of you for wearing the beret you got from the Friday Market. Time travel through the impressive tours on The British Museum of the World, and check out the several exhibitions you can walk through on Google Arts & Culture.

Borrow a book, virtually

Open Library allows you to borrow ebooks from its collection. Some books might have a waiting list, as other people are reading them or are looking to read them too. If you’re feeling super generous, you can even buy books for them to be donated to the platform.

Guided Meditation with Headspace

Cabin fever is a valid fear, but it’s nothing a guided meditation session a day can’t fix. De-stress with Headspace – an application that can remind you to be mindful of your surroundings and yourself.

Stay safe, Tipsters. And remember to wash your hands!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team

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