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The Weekender – 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨 Top 20 Outdoor Date Night Spots

There’s just something about outdoor dates that hit differently. Don’t let all the #HotGirlSummer and #Fu*kBoySummer social media posts fool you! Love is still in the air and luckily for you, Amman has many date night spots for you. Ditch the same old “Netflix and chill” routine and hit these romantic outdoor date spots around A-town with your boo. Warning: the following might inspire intense feelings of naughtiness!

Go: When you wanna be on a date but also open up the opportunity to friend-zone.

Copas Central is a favorite amongst couples for its hip, artsy vibe. The tapas menu is delicious and the cocktails are incredible. While the patio is small, sipping a cold drink under the towering leafy tree in the stone courtyard is a relaxing escape for you and your date.

Go: When you wanna test their taste in booze.

A boozy hideaway that’s a little mysterious, a bit more exclusive, and a touch more romantic! 13c Wine & Spirits is a speakeasy-inspired den that allows you and your date to pick your favorite bottle of wine from their liquor store, and they’ll serve it to you paired with a perfect dish to bring out its flavor. 

Go: When all that you wanna see is the person you’re with and a backdrop of Amman’s skyline.

Stunning views, a little candlelight, and a lot of love in the air! Nothing says ‘romantic date’ like The Living Room Rooftop‘s bar with sprawling views over the city for an impressive open-air night date.

Go: For Some Liquid Courage.

Wine is the twine of love. Your jokes will sound funnier and their teeth will look whiter under the soft twinkle-lit canopies of the High Garden Rooftop. A super romantic quaint little place, with the faint trails of music and the Amman skyline setting the mood for a cozy and romantic night.

Go: If you like your stomach a little bit more than your date! 

Carbs and a hot date? Sign us up! Spark old-school romance in Little Italy Pizzeria’s charming garden, and treat your date to a selection of heartwarming pizza and Italian delicacies paired with a generous glass of wine.

Go: When they’re worth spending half your salary on.

Paris is calling and you must go! Who doesn’t love to be wined and dined at a boujee restaurant every now and then? Take your date out to La Maison Verte; a gourmet award-winning French restaurant for a romantic candlelit dinner under the stars.

Go: For sake wining & sushi dining that ain’t for your average Tinder date.

You can never go wrong with a sushi date! Especially at Enso! A south Asian-inspired private spot with its sleek settings and beating sounds; a more than pleasant spot for dates.

Go: When you wanna show them that you’re not that rough around the edges.

Named for the trees on its terrace, Jasmine House Art & Food 1950’s villa offers a little piece of Italy in artsy Luweibdeh. If you and your date enjoy good food and art, this is where we recommend you go for a romantic night under the stars.

Go: To see and be seen, and sorLoeta make it official.

Inspired by romantic Tuscany, this Mediterranean masterpiece in the city will definitely impress your date! Solaya’s warm and stylish ambiance makes it a perfect spot for an unforgettable lovers’ date night.

Go: For a uniquely spontaneous romantic dining experience.

Nerves got your tongue tied? Joz Hind will help you ease your way into the date. The place is designed in a way where guests share their tables on a communal veranda. This gem, located in Lweibdeh, uses locally sourced ingredients, is socially responsible, and serves food at reasonable prices, which makes it a great spot if you’re trying to impress.

Go: For a menu that will make you eat your hearts out.

It’s true what they say: the quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and boy, do we have a shortcut for you! La Capitale Restaurant has food that is rivaled by no other in Amman. The French interior and drop-down light fixtures create a warmth that envelopes you, with an entourage of carefully selected wines that is the perfect pairing to a meal that will change your and your lover’s definition of good food forever.

Go: For that fancy “wow factor” date!

Charm your absent lover with an upscale date night at Roberto’s! Their rooftop commands the entirety of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel’s top floor from where it offers striking views of Amman and serves up delicious, expertly crafted cocktails and their Michelin 3-Star food menu!

Go: For a sprinkle of spicy Spanish charm.

Bonita Restaurant has mastered the art of balance from the day it opened in ‘91. Its ‘secret garden’ is a twinkle-lit and charmingly romantic affair. And you know what they say, the shortest way to a heart is through good Spanish food, if not, then the reasonably priced menu and fast service will certainly do the trick!

Go: When you’re just starting to see someone.

You can tell A LOT about a person from their coffee order! Do they talk down to the baristas at Coco’s Joie De Vivre? Do they request their beverage be “extra hot” or have a certain milk preference? Do they not drink coffee at all? A coffee order says a lot about someone’s personality!

Go: For a romantic brunch affair, à la Paris.

There’s nothing more intimate than brunching on delicious breakfast dishes and a Mimosa on a leisurely Friday morning with your très jolie lover at Brasserie Julie in Swefieh Village.

Go: For that flowery garden date.

Summertime and a gorgeous bright garden must be a match made in heaven! Take your angel baby for a relaxed daytime cocktail at the bar, followed by a luxurious lunch and plenty of greens at the paradise of AlQaser Garden!

Go: For a gelato that will turn your significant other’s heart into sweet goo!

If you haven’t been the best lover and want to turn your salty caramel pecan pie into a blushing strawberry sorbet then all you gotta do is take them out for some of Eatalio’s deliciously fresh gelato!

Go: For the Lovers Who Enjoy Breakfast in Bed.

Spoil your lover with a diamond-studded breakfast that could rival any tennis bracelet– it’s just as dazzling, and won’t break your bank account. Namliyeh is the coziest French Toast joint in town. Their fluffy confessions come with a dizzying array of fresh jams, fruits, and cream, for your crème de la crème.

Go: For that cool bookstore outdoorsy date night.

Kawon is a one-in-a-million, shooting star kind of romantic. Originally an old house renovated into a library, the friendly staff, the stacks upon stacks of rare book finds, and the vintage vibe of the place, are sure to blast you and your date straight onto a movie screen!

Go: For that meet cute coffee date.

If you’re ever stumped on where to go for a first date, we suggest you take them to grab a cup of coffee at one of Luweibdeh’s most charming focal points: Rumi Cafe!

Happy Dating Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team