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The Weekender – 8 Unusual Experiences

Among the many activities Amman has to offer, only a few are unusual experiences. Forget about drinking and indulging in mind altering substances. We’re talking wack, unorthodox, and new. The unusual lies only at the tip of silent tongues, and the Tip n’ Tag Team has the sharpest of ears. Prepare yourself for another round of the eccentric, unusual and unordinary.

Scrapyard Heaven - BusStop

The only bus stop in Amman that won’t disappoint you, lives up to your expectations and exceeds them. BusStop is an adult’s playground masked as a food truck restaurant. It’s genius and creative in its design. With all the reused automobile parts set up as decoration and seating areas, you wouldn’t know where to park yourself.

Local Microbrewery - Biera

It’s not every day you hear of a local microbrewery opening in Jordan, but it’s definitely a first having one based in Amman. Biera offers an authentic experience to those who wish to explore its flavors. Between the many beer taps, delicious bar bites and several types of craft beer, locals and expats alike are in for an experience unmatched by others.

Organic Greenhouse Brunch - Yanboot

Among the few unusual experiences Amman has to offer is one packed full of flavors. Yanboot has managed to simplify brunch culture with great distinction. Hosting frequent organic brunches at their greenhouse, they elevate the farm to table experience. Here you can try out the rich flavors of organic vegetables, or simply enjoy a nutritious breakfast.

Gourmet Street Coffee - Qahwa BLK

Abu Saleh who? Qahwa BLK is the name of the game, and everybody seems to be playing. Not to disregard the backbone of this country, but the newest addition to street side coffee shops has definitely elevated the tastes of the Kingdom’s people. Located in a quieter part of Abdoun, you can actually sit down on the curbside as you sip on your delicious brew.

Pigeon market Expedition - Downtown

Birds of a feather flock together, as is the case for unusual experiences in this city. Those pigeons you see circling above Amman are actually trained by passionate breeders. They have their own cafes where breeders sell, trade and exhibit them, and their own markets as well. You can easily spot one of the markets by the Roman Nymphaeum downtown. When in doubt, ask a local for directions.

Air Taxi - Golden Eagle Aviation Academy

You don’t have to be a bird to have an aerial tour of Jordan, now that GEAA is around the corner. With their air taxi service on the table, they offer residents an experience both magical and time saving. Regardless whether you want to pick up the bride and drop her off, treat your friends to an unusual experience or catch that midday meeting, the choice is yours. Keep in mind you have to stick to the criteria provided by the academy.

Halotherapy - Salt Cave

Although snorting salt is a daredevil trick Steve-O would perform, breathing salty air, on the other hand, reaps more benefits than you can imagine. Halotherapy can treat your asthma, chronic bronchitis and other respiratory allergies. If your babe’s coughing and wheezing keeps you up all night, take them to Salt Cave. There’s no harm in an aesthetically pleasing, unusual experience.

Cold Pressed Milk Extravaganza - Breastmilk Jewelry

You heard it right, breastmilk jewelry is a thing, albeit an unusual experience. Although all you singles out there may not understand the concept behind the cold pressed milk extravaganza, our mommies and daddies might. Immortalize your love for your child, and apologize for their future traumas with an endearing gift straight from the source, Breastmilk Jewelry.

Spice up your days with one unusual experience after the other.

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team

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  1. Wow these are all unreal! My kids would be all over the pidgeon breeding, except youtube has taught them that birds carry a lot of germs and spread diseases so maybe they will change their minds hahah! As for me, the microbrewery sounds just about right!