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The Weekender – 10 Best Bar Bites To Try In 2019

Everyone has a way to their hearts, and for some it’s a good bar bite on a night out. We at Tip n’ Tag know what’s up, and we want to be there for you when work hours are over and you’re looking for a bite to eat. Here’s just a few of what our Tipsters think are the best bar bites in town!

Mini Burgers @ Murphy's Pub & Garden Restaurant

Is one juicy burger a bit too filling when you’re only feeling peckish? How about a few mini burgers instead? Murphy’s Pub & Garden offers these delectable miniature doses of love, and they are scrumptious! Have a bite out of them and thank your juicy stars.

Ice Cream Burger @ Beer and Burger

Sure, it’s ice cream, but hey, it’s summer! If you’re driving up to Fuheis for the weekend and want to have a little afternoon snack, head to BnB. Their ice cream burger is one of the “chillest” bar bites you could ask for.

Veal Clay Pot @ Kegs - House of Ale

Sometimes all you need is a meaty dose of protein to go along with your Arak. And if there’s one place you can get that satisfactory bite of tender, lean meat, it’s Kegs. Order the veal clay pot and snack on the sizzling bites between every other sip of your liquorish spirit.

Chili Sauteed Mushrooms @ Copas Central

You’re at Copas and you don’t know whether to order a starter or the entire menu. It’s okay, that’s very understandable. To be on the more realistic side, however, you’ll probably end up having one or two appetizers. One of them should be the chili sautéed mushrooms, infused with garlicky and zesty goodness.

Chicken Wings @ The Living Room

Arguably some of the best chicken wings you could have are the ones at the Living Room. Just as a brush paints them with flavor, so they paint your insides with love. Being well seasoned, delectable and light, only a few other bar bites could ever compare to this heavenly creation.

Crunchy Salmon @ District Rooftop

Why stick to a few sashimis when you can have the whole school? District makes one mean raw salmon filet and they season it quite well. Next time you’re craving a bite of underwater flavors, order their crunchy salmon.

Nachos @ Chestnut Restaurant & Pub

Buried under a mountain of molten cheese, sour cream, salsa and guacamole, is a bar snack loved by many. Chestnut have one of the more desirable nachos in Amman. Every delicious, flavor packed bite has you going in for more. Not to forget that crunch!

Escargot @ Veer Resto-Lounge

Not many places have escargot on their menu, especially not bars. However, Veer is not your average bar. Just as every corner of the place has a distinct flavor about it, their menu does too. If you’re in a French mood and want to have a fancy little bar bite, opt for their escargot!

Salmon Tartare @ Eostrix Gastro Pub

An appetizer of true beauty. The salmon tartare at Eostrix is a bar bite that hasn’t failed to live up to its hype. If you’re around third circle thinking of going on a pub crawl, stop by this pub and sustain yourself with this light and filling bite.

Steak @ Iguana Rooftop

You might have gone to Iguana for their food markets. And you might’ve thought that’s all there is to eat at the quaint rooftop. What you probably didn’t know is that they serve a mean steak. Meat lovers across the city take delight in its juicy tenderness.

May every bar bite you have be heartwarming and pleasant.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team