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The Weekender – 20 Best Cheap Eats

Let’s face it, Amman is not a cheap city to live in. A Worldwide Cost of Living Report released earlier this year ranked Amman as the most expensive city in the Middle East (29th Internationally). Thankfully, Amman does boast a thriving foodie scene with plenty of reasonably priced dining options – if you know where to find them. That’s where we come in and save the day!

The Sushi Den

What to Eat:

Maki (12 pieces) 10.5 JD

“Al Sa’ed” Platter (24 pieces) 21 JD

Mashawi Shahrazad

What to Eat:

Perfectly Grilled Meat (1 Kilo) 13 JD

Kofta with Yoghurt or Tomato 2.5 JD

Crispy Arayes 1 JD

+ pickles, bread and yoghurt

Arcobaleno Pizza

What to Eat:

On The Go Pesto Pizza + Barbecue Pizza + Pepperoni Pizza

10 JD


What to Eat:

Dinner: Starter + Main dish + Dessert 18.95 + JD

Fettuccine House

What to Eat:

Juicy Fettuccine with Mushroom & Chicken 3.75 JD

 Fresh Roca Salad 1.5 JD

Crunchy Garlic bread 1 JD


What to Eat:

Sultan Ibrahim Fish 5 JD

Spicy Chicken Fukhara 5 JD

Sara Seafood

What to Eat:

Sara’s Crab Salad 2.8 JD

Deep Sea Plate (5 people) 30 JD

Al Khal

What to Eat:

Oriental Breakfast: Alayet Banodra, Kebdeh, Mfarakeh, Falafel, Hummus, Fool, eggs, veggies “Service”, Maftoul and Tea with mint

(5 people) 20 JD

Abu Mahjoub

What to Eat:

Super Falafel Sandwich in Amman 0.4 JD

Pizza Antichi

What to Eat:

Classic Pesto Pasta 5 JD

Chicken Wings with Your Choice of Sauce (12 Pieces) 5 JD

Rich Chicken Alfredo Pizza (Large) 5 JD

Ras Beirut

What to Eat:

Shish Tawook Mtaba’a 3 JD

Turkey & Cheese Mtaba’a 3 JD

+ Ketchup and Mayo on top

Classic Burger & Snack

What to Eat:

Bacon Beef Burger Meal 3.75 JD

Chicken Mushroom Meal 3.25 JD

Hash Potatoes (5 pieces) 1.25 JD

Bab Al Yemen Restaurant

What to Eat:

Mandi with Chicken (5 people) 21 JD

Mandi with Meat (5 People) 26 JD

Chicken Biryani (1 person) 4 JD

Patisserie Fayrouz

What to Eat:

Strawberry Eclair 1 JD

Strawberry Tart 1 JD

Red Velvet Cake 1 JD

Habiba Sweets

What to Eat:

Knafeh (1/2 Kilo) 2.8 JD

Barcelona Restaurant

What to Eat:

Shawerma Meal Messi 2 JD

Double Kebab 1 JD

Haloum and Qashqawan Sandwiches 0.45 JD


What to Eat:

Arabi Shawerma Super 1.6 JD

Roasted Half Chicken 2.95 JD

All appetizers (Small) 0.8 JD

Jameeda Khanum

What to Eat:

Huge Mansaf Plate 7 JD

Kubbeh Bi Laban (Yogurt Kubbeh) 7 JD

Ghaith Restaurant

What to Eat:

Cold Wara’ Dawali (AKA Yalanji) 1.5 JD

Moist Shawerma Meal 1.8 JD

 K & K Restaurant

What to Eat:

Kurash with Jameed (1 kilo) 15.5 JD

Fatet Ras (1 person) 5.5 JD

Have you tried any delicious and affordable bites in Amman?

Tell us where here!

As always Tipsters, stay curious!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team