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Sweater Weather Guide: Drinks & Desserts

There’s no shame in keeping warm while piling on the winter weight. We’ve all gone down that road. If you’re looking for drinks and desserts to warm your heart and belly, the Tip n’ Tag Team has you covered. All you need is an empty stomach, and a thumb to scroll through.

Drinks Category

Tumeric Latte .- Rumi

Have you ever had a turmeric latte from Rumi? What’re you waiting for? This spice loaded drink is like a 3 for 1 deal with its ginger and cinnamon flavors. Plus, turmeric is good for fighting your winter depression.

Mulled Wine - The corner's pub

Are you really keeping warm if not with a glass of mulled wine? Probably not. Stretch those legs up to Corner’s, and get cozy with a glass or five. Ain’t no shame in the Glühwein game.

Sahlab @ Bekdash

Sure, staying under your covers might keep you warm, but you don’t want those aching pains from laying on your bones too long. Grab a warm cup of Sahlab from Bekdash, and enjoy a delicious drive around town.

Baileys Coffee - Dubliners Irish pub

You know they say the hotter the liquor, the softer the alcohol’s flavor. Dubliners has a creamy baileys coffee that’ll warm you up day or night. And the caffeine will surely keep your winter mood afloat.

Cinnamon Latte - Mindhub Cafe
While some people might snort cinnamon for their fifteen minutes of fame, others use their minds and infuse it with their coffee. Mindhub do the latter. Their cinnamon lattes will surely put a smile on your face.

Karak Tea @ Karak Delights

Why keep ordering the same types of lattes when you can spice things up with a Karak tea? Don’t worry, you don’t have to go all the way to Karak to get it, just head on over to Karak Delights instead.

Qahwa BLK

The one true thing that can elevate a Spanish Latte is almond milk. Grab yours to go from Qahwa BLK, and don’t continue down to Ras Al Ain; you don’t want the coffee to kick in while you’re stuck in traffic.

Desserts Category

S'mores pot 2.0 - Foodsmith Grill

Although Foodsmith Grill is not a camping site, their s’mores pot sure does make you want to set up a bonfire. 100% kid tested and approved, every bite of this creation will keep you warmer than the other.

Pecan Cheesecake @ Marmalade

What’s a cheesecake without a little Belgian chocolate and pecans? Plain and basic, probably. Elevate your taste buds and grab something good for once in your life. Where might you do that? Marmalade.

Magnolia Bakery

Keep your pregnancy pills handy, because Magnolia’s Banana Cream Pie will give you a food baby. It’s okay, you won’t actually get pregnant. But you’ll definitely reach nirvana after a bite or two.

Hala's Treats

Yes, savory cakes exist. And if you’ve ever seen a baking show on Netflix, you’d know that. Make your breakfast game ten times stronger with the White Cheese and Fresh Zaatar cake from Hala’s Treats. But be sure to place your order a night before.

The Cakery

The grimmer the weather, the darker your cake should be. What’s darker than dark? The black forest cake from The Cakery. It’s got cherries, chocolate and fresh cream to sweeten up the bitterness of winter.


Nothing tastes better than a fresh pot of brownies. Actually, scratch that. The brownies molten at Dot.Sugar might just be a tad bit better. Care to find out for yourself?

Remember, it’s not a cheat day if you’re always eating the same.

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team