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The Weekender – 🚘 Delicious Destination Drives

Pick Your Player: Road Trip Edition

Are you the passenger princess, the DJ, the selfie taker, the road trip planner, the driver, or the snack provider? No matter what road trip persona you decide to take on, grab your sunnies, your loved ones, and your favorite snacks for some Delicious Destination Drives in Jordan! 🛣️

Visit Khayl & Layl Restaurant in Jerash

Your first stop before loading up on some delicious Mashawi, is the Roman ruins of Jerash, a site so well-preserved that you’ll travel back in time when togas were in style.

Visit King Talal and enjoy its cascading views!

Pack up the picnic items and see the majestic beauty of the water cascading down the spillway, making it a ‘dam-n’ good view. Order ahead from some of these go-to spots and leave the cooking for another time!

Visit Ajloun Forest Reserve - the Northern Gem of Jordan

Enjoy pillows of green in the North’s fairytale forest, and don’t miss out on some of the local goods you can buy from the visitor center before you go home!

Visit the Umm Qais Ruins and then enjoy some food at Umm Qais Rest House

After a long day of exploring the ruins, unwind and relax with a beautiful view and a Limonana in hand!

Escape to Beit Al Fannan and bring out your inner artist

Unleash your inner artist at one of Jordan’s best preserved hidden gems. You’ll feel like you were transported into a childhood storybook.

Visit the famous site of where John the Baptist was said to be beheaded!

A short hike to the top of the fortress leads you to some beautiful views of the Dead Sea! Grab some snacks and sit at the top while you take in its centuries old history. 

Support the local empowerment of Women in Iraq Al Amir

Enjoy locally made food and goods while feeling good about empowering women who are preserving traditional Jordanian crafts!

Visit the Um Ar-Rasas Visitor Center in Madaba!

Named one of the 4 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Jordan, this is a great spot to explore and take the iconic King’s Highway to get there!

Pro Tip: Explore Fuheis during the day and its hilltop beauties, and then land at this restaurant as the sunsets, especially if you’re opting for a romantic road trip with your lover!

Follow @TheDollzter to her favorite public beach, and then enjoy an Italian dinner on the way back home!

Known for its medicinal properties, and one of the most unique spots in the country, don’t miss out on either going for an overnight stay at the hotel or stop at the public hot springs the day!

The most common misconception about Jordan is…dessert, but did you know that Jordan holds over four different types of biosphere reserves, Azraq being one of them! 

On the banks of the Jordan River, this is the place that is said to be where Jesus was baptized, and an extremely interesting layout for those interested in religious history indeed!

Go for a drive to As-Salt’s countryside, and then jump on a UTV for a wild ride! Featuring locally made goods, welcoming hosts, and the chance to breathe in fresh air, you won’t regret it!

A castle that has stood the test of time with its walls and underground passages, offering a glimpse into Jordan’s history of battles and conquests!

One of the most iconic drives in Jordan happens to be on the King’s Highway! After exploring the famous Red Rose City, stop by this mom and pop kitchen for a delicious cooking class!

Explore the castles of Shobak!

Atop a hill, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding valleys and if you close your eyes, and imagine, you might get lost in the tales of knights and crusaders!

For those who want an overnight stay out of the city and under the stars, this is your spot! This eco-camp is a unique go-to in the south with good food, minimalistic design, and all run by locals! 

Enjoy the Dana Biosphere, one of the most interesting places in Jordan!

Jordan’s largest nature reserve and named one of the 52 Places for a Changed World according to The New York Times!

Visit Aqaba and some of the most luxurious places to rest!

For those fancy road-trippers, there’s nothing better than getting to your destination and checking into this resort for some luxury R&R.

Enjoy the ride, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team