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The Weekender – Delicious Destination Drives

Weekends are a great time for adventures and family drives to delicious destinations, especially if the weather is great. Why stop at one location before calling it a day, when you can make a road trip out of it? If you’re worried about fuel, there’s plenty of gas stations across the country, and if it’s about food, the Tip n’ Tag Team has got your back. Whether it’s north, south, or west you want to go, we’ve got your day mapped out for you!

North of Amman

Amman to King Talal Dam

Driving up to the Roman city is as simple as getting on one straight road, but a detour every now and then is never a bad idea. Where better to stop at than King Talal Dam? You can always grab few beers from Al Anakeed to sip on while you take in the views.

King Talal Dam to Jerash

A drive back through the ages is what you get heading to Jerash. Although more beautiful in spring, the natural scenery leading up to the Roman city never ceases to be refreshing.

Jerash to Irbid

Ancient architecture and delicious street food is what you get at Irbid.Β Hit two birds and continue up the map to North Shuna, and lodge atΒ Sharhabil Ben Hassneh EcoPark.

South of Amman

Amman to Madaba

From the great Mount Nebo to the Church of St. George, there isn’t a corner in Madaba that wouldn’t catch your eye. Make like an AUM student and take the alternative route to the city of mosaics.

Madaba to Dead Sea

Take the road less traveled from Mount Nebo to Dead Sea and enjoy the most picturesque scenery. The spiraling mountain road will surely make your blood pressure drop, so you’ll want to fill up your stomach with a take-out from Rovers Return.

Dead Sea to Al-Tafilah

Build up the anticipation of discovering Shalalat Majhoud with a scenic drive, and take the Jordan Valley Highway from Dead Sea to Al-Tafilah. You’ll probably have a lot of snacks and roadside coffee before you’re able to unpack your picnic food at this breathtaking location.

Al-Tafilah to Dana

If you make it all the way to Tafilah, continue down to Dana. The short, but scenic drive to the Biosphere Reserve adds a little extra dose of nature to your day.

West of Amman

Amman to Iraq Al Amir

Just a short drive outside of the capital, Iraq Al Amir is a historic gem waiting on you to reach it. Don’t forget to stack up on Halloumi Munch Kaakeh from Ka3keh on The Go to fill up your tummy while on the road.

Iraq Al Amir to Fuheis

Take the alternative route to Fuheis from Iraq Al Amir and add a little adventure to your day. The not too long of a drive will definitely open up your appetite, and that’s where a take-out from BnB come into play!

Fuheis to Salt

Double up on the natural scenery and empty roads and take the route from Fuheis to Salt! The drive won’t take you long, so you can check out Bait Abu Jaber museum before you hit the field at Jordan Paintball Club for a real life game of Call of Duty. After that, you can reward yourself with a night at Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort.

Remember, there’s always Google Maps and GPS!

Lemur Love,Β 

The Tip n’ Tag Team