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The Weekender – 15 Unforgettable Eid Getaways

It’s nearing the start of a long vacation. You might already be looking for Eid getaways to plan with your loved ones. If it’s fun family vacations you’re looking for, or a quick getaway with friends, you can depend on the Tip n’ Tag Team to provide. Get your thumbs ready to type in these places on Tip n’ Tag. Eid Al Adha is only a few days away.

Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort

Mountain Breeze is a family resort with a name as refreshing as its entirety. This haven in Jalaad entertains its guests with paintball, archery, and a refreshing swimming pool. Being a short drive from Salt, it’s not too far from Bait Abu Jaber, which you might like to visit on the drive up for a little more “fun family vacation” bonding.

Philodemus Campsite, Baraka Destinations

For all of you who put a hold on hiking this summer, Philodemus Campsite is not your average Airbnb. This group-accommodating sanctuary in Umm Qais has a great perk of being a trek away from the Yarmouk Forest Reserve, which makes it perfect for a Eid getaway.

Beit Al Baraka, Baraka Destinations

Beit Al Baraka is a bed and breakfast guesthouse in Umm Qais with a little extra twist. For those of you planning on celebrating Eid with friends, this might be a great option. Not only will you be flatting together in nature and enjoying their sun terrace, you can also rent a bike and wander around the area.

Dibeen Eco Farm House

One of the first family vacation ideas you get around Eid is a trip up north. If you think you’ve done it all, you haven’t heard of Dibeen Farm House. This little hidden gem offers a very simple and local experience to its guests. As it’s actually on a farm, you get to pick your eggs in the morning for breakfast.

Wadi Rum

You haven’t really lived until you’ve danced in The Valley of the Moon. Wadi Rum holds a magical power that those who’ve been there know of. Unplug yourself this Eid, put on your Nikes and take a stroll through desert. Between the bonfires, Zarb and night sky alone, you’ll feel as fresh as a newborn.

Villa Naya Santorini

Villa Naya went big with their last creation. Their Santorini villa is a great vacation spot for a family trip. What better way to celebrate the long awaited vacation than with a dip in pool overlooking the mountains of Jalaad?

Mrah Salameh

Mrah Salameh is a traditional restaurant in the heart of Madaba. Being in a cave underground, it offers an eccentric dining experience to its patrons. Who wouldn’t want to cross off dining in a cave from their bucket-list?

St. George Church

Not only is it a house of God, it contains Madaba’s most famous mosaic. St. George Church is a must see for anyone visiting the city. If you want to truly engage in the fabric of the town, grab a falafel sandwich from Abu Yousef, right across from Haret Jdoudna. It’s the talk of the town.

Mujib Chalets

Dead Sea is a travel destination that always feels like a getaway. Mujib Chalets are great for a family trip around Eid. They’re secluded from the resorts area and have little to no light pollution at night. Who knows, you might like to take a risqué dip in the water around midnight?!

Ajloun Castle

When was the last time you took a trip up to Ajloun Castle? Can’t remember? Well, let’s have you do something about that. If you are looking for a fun family vacation idea this Eid, try having a bit of an adventure. You can pack a little picnic to enjoy while sitting amongst these ruins.

Ajloun Forest Reserve

Family resorts are great vacation spots, and they’re even better when they compliment nature. Ajloun Forest Reserve accommodates its visitors with eco lodges overlooking an endless view of the nature reserve. Don’t worry if you hear a wolf howling around midnight, it won’t get to you.

Beit Al Fannan, Baraka Destinations

House of the Artist, Beit Al Fannan, is unlike any other Airbnb in Jordan. This hidden gem is a three-story villa sitting on a hillside in Irbid, and used to be a getaway for Ammar Khammash – a renowned Jordanian artist and architect. You can dabble with art there, meditate and enjoy a tranquil Eid getaway.

Aqaba, Red Sea

You’re not spending Eid in Jordan if you’re not down at Aqaba. Those are the rules of the game. The Red Sea is a thrilling travel destination, you’ll find that it has everything you need. Water, food, shelter and activities. For a fancy night out on the town, grab a meal at Romero at the Royal Yacht Club.

The Tank | Arab Divers

War, what is it good for? Probably the tank sitting at the bottom of the Red Sea. This man-made creation is now a little ecosystem for fish and coral in Aqaba. If you’re planning a family trip down south, make sure to see it. Arab Divers orchestrate diving sessions to this sunken war machine.

Rummana Campsite, Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature

34 Kilometers from Al Shobak Castle is a little sacred haven in Dana. Rummana is a great travel destination for a calm and refreshing family trip. The long weekend celebrating Eid gives you more time to enjoy mornings in nature. Just imagine having your morning coffee to all the reserve’s natural sounds.

Is it a Eid getaway if you’re not actually getting away from the city?

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team