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The Weekender – The Italian Food Guide

You can never go wrong with a delicious pasta or a bottle of wine! Italian food comforts the stomachs of the hungry and the drooling, every single time. For the love of lasagna, pizza and all that is good in this world, the Tip n’ Tag Team has put together this guide for you to dive into the delicious cuisine.


Past the seemingly endless parade of Gen Z kids, you’ll find Melograno. This Italian bistro prides itself in its appetizing creations. Here, you can have a pleasant culinary experience unhindered by cigarette smoke.


Although their delicious sushi offerings may mislead you, Trattoria knows how to serve the best of Italian food. Their pastas are simply cooked to perfection, and the restaurant’s decor only makes you want to have more.

Meat Mussels

Meat Mussels have mastered the art of culinary infusion. Their simple and straightforward menu is packed with generous offerings that bring together Italian and European cuisines. If you already had their trademark mussels, you’ll want to try their scallops next.

Jasmine House

By Day, Jasmine House breathes art into the quieter neighborhoods of Weibdeh, with its ever changing exhibitions. By night, it shifts into an artistic eatery where delectable Italian dishes are served to those who crave the cuisine.


Known for its generous portions and the occasional weekend party or two, Spago will always satisfy you. Skip the movie next time you’re out on a romantic date, and go straight to dinner. Don’t worry about wanting to get thinner.


Where better to have Italian food than at the true grandaddy of the cuisine? Romero prides itself in its delicious dishes and romantic atmosphere. Pair an endless sea of wine with all the pasta your heart desires, and live life the way it’s meant to be lived.

Mille Rosse

From presentation down to taste, Mille Rosse mastered the art of Italian cuisine. Whether you’re looking to have fresh pasta, cooked to perfection, or a few glasses of wine, this is the place to be.


A seemingly tiny pizzeria on the fringes of Weibdeh, Oliva proves that size doesn’t matter. Their intimate atmosphere makes their food taste tenfolds better, but you’ll probably have to fight your way to securing a table!

Il Terrazzo

Il Terrazzo serves you grandiosity in its every corner, from its wall-length windows to its creative take on Italian cuisine. Why settle for a classic mushroom risotto when you can have a squid ink seafood risotto?

Cafe Italia

Where true flavors of Italian food come to life, Cafe Italia embodies the culinary experience in its every dish. From pastas and lasagnas to wholesome Italian bread, everything inspires you to satiate your appetite.


Whenever you crave a pizza delivered straight to your door, Casereccio is there to show up. With a crust as light as your heart, and cheese that pulls like a fine Cuban cigar, you’ll never stop wanting more.

Centro Brasserie

Where life’s simplicities can be enjoyed with a glass of wine out on an intimate patio. Centro gathers families and friends over delicious bites in its homely atmosphere.

Gusto Italian Restaurant

Where better to romanticize Italian cuisine than in the spacious folds of Gusto? The only way to elevate your experience is by enjoying a meal around the golden hour.

Don’t forget, there’s always room for dessert!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team