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The Weekender – A Guide Around Coronavirus

Did you know that the WHO declared the coronavirus a pandemic? Well, we here at Tip n’ Tag have decided to declare war on the coronavirus. Stay a step ahead of the virus with this simple guide.

Get Tested for Covid-19 @ Biolab

Those of you hankering for a Covid-19 test can contact Biolab. The good people there can set an appointment to visit you in the comfort of your own home for a Coronavirus test.

Price: 55 JD | Call +96265907000 for inquiries

Organic Soaps

It’s no news that the majority of the world lives alongside micro-habitats they’ve hosted on their hands. If organic is what they want, it’s what they’ll receive. Grab a bar of soap from Soap House, and wash your hands for once, ya filthy animals.

Facemasks & Disinfectants

Actively disinfect your hands and the objects you use. You may choose to wear an N95 mask or its equivalent if in crowded areas, to lower your chance of spreading the virus, when necessary. You may even invest in an air purifier from Rawhi Pharmacy, if need be.

Aromatherapy Essentials

Allow yourself to relax with some aromatherapy. Studies show that depression and stress lower immunity. Grab some scented candles from Qamar Wa Shams and essential oils from The Body Shop, and doze off into a no-corona-zone-state.


You know how garlic staves off vampires? It has the same effect on viruses. But if you’d like to make friends with a vampire, you could try having alternatives to garlic that still boost your immunity, like soups to warm your soul, or spicy cuisines; they are notorious for capsaicin.

Hotline Bling

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Covid-19, or coronavirus, get in touch with the specialized team assigned by the Ministry of Health by calling the hotline 111, corona-busters.

Who you gonna call?

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team