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The Weekender – 11 Spicy Cuisines Around Town

Fancy yourself an adventurous eater? You’re in luck, because we’re covering some of the most dangerously hot bites you can taste in Amman. This Weekender is dedicated to the masochists among us who choose to frequently indulge in the spiciest of foods. Many brave Tip n’ Tag team members have fallen victim to foodie gimmicks that involve garlic sauce and a couple of extra scovilles, so make it count!

Nur Malaysia

Nur Malaysia brings a taste of Malaysia to Amman, with an exciting menu that offers the spiciest of classic Malay dishes. Indulge in everything between authentic noodle bowls to delicious fish dishes, and ask them to spice it up for you. If your mouth is feeling all partied-out, top it off with one of their Malay desserts.

Luigi's Pizza

Everybody’s favorite pizzeria offers a chili con carne pizza – a marriage between spicy Mexican cuisine, and savory Italian heritage, that will probably draw a smile on your face. While you’re at it, try their spicy chicken wings!


Yes, we were all crushed when McDonald’s discontinued their szechuan sauce in the late 90s, but we had to move on. The world instead has developed a taste for authentic Chinese cuisine, and that’s what Peking brought to Amman’s doorsteps. Enjoy their spicy szechuan-infused dishes and ask for seconds if you’re up for it!


Curry up to one of Amman’s most reliable Indian restaurants for a delicious taste of the Indian subcontinent. Try their takes on Indian classics such as buttered chicken, and rest assured knowing that you will never get disappointed at Chapatti if you’re looking for a flaming meal inspired by traditional cuisine.


How passionate are you about chicken? Barcelos is a celebration of Portuguese culture and cuisine, and it caters specifically to lovers of this versatile bird. Flame grilled and spicy is their specialty, and with a menu that offers everything between sandwiches and chicken served on skewers, you’re sure not to get disappointed.


At some point in the past decade, Buffalo Wings & Rings came across the recipe for a hot sauce to end all sauces: the Atomic sauce. Patrons are dared to survive a meal showered in Buffalo’s Atomic sauce, and you might as well bring a friend to help keep you on your feet after the first few bites.

Thai Room

Thai cuisine is notoriously flaming hot, and Thai Room’s menu lives up to that reputation. With spices and herbs that’ll have you running for the nearest jug of water, but won’t detract from your authentic Thai experience, you’re sure to enjoy a meal at this beloved restaurant.

Fatty Dabs Burger Shack

Fatty Dabs has proved itself to be a strong contender in the burger joint scene here in Amman, with a menu of burgers that has something for just about everyone. Are you looking to try something spicy this time? Check out their Inferno Burger. This delicacy packs Red Thai Chili Peppers, green peppers, and inferno sauce, and it’s sure to make you cry for help.


Someone somewhere thought that Japanese-Mexican fusion would be a great idea, and thus the sushi burrito was born. Fishface are pioneers of this eclectic wrap, crafting it with the finest of ingredients that would otherwise go to waste on a normal burrito or just sushi. Try their delicious spicy tuna or shrimp tempura burritos, or ask for a poke instead.


No food list is complete without Arabic food, and Khashouka serves an abundance of Arabic classics, with dishes like spicy ful mudammas, falafel, and the dish most Ammanis turn to when they’re at a loss for what to eat – gallayet bandora. Browse their menu, and indulge your spicy cravings by asking them to turn up the heat!

Cinco de Mayo

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the end of the list. If you’re still up for it, this Mexican eatery in the Intercontinental offers a delightful assortment of Mexican dishes you could pamper yourself with – if your idea of a good time is eating spicy food. Try out their assortment of Mexican-inspired signature dishes seasoned to perfection, and get a taste of Mexico without setting foot outside of Amman.

Remember to keep a tall glass of milk nearby for when the spiciness gets to you!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team