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The Weekender – Office Food Delivery Under 5 JDs

We get it. You’re hungry. Ordering food for the office is a tough feat that usually ends up in a routine of eating more of the same. Our mission for this Weekender is to keep you from having to do that. No need to blame it on the expensive delivery options, a lack of creativity or your boring colleagues. We kept our list of options under 5 JD so you could enjoy different types of food every day without putting a dent in your hard earned cash!

Tsb Special Sandwich 3.50 JD

Egg Salad Sandwich 2.50 JD

Kashkawan Manqoushe 2.85 JD

Zaatar with Cheese Manqoushe 2.35 JD

Mushroom & Rosemary 4.27 JD

Salami & Cheese 4.70 JD

Roastbeef and Cream Cheese Bagel 1.85 JD

Chicken Breast and Cream Cheese Bagel 1.85 JD

Akkawi Cheese Feast Kaakeh 2.60 JD

Grilled Chicken Kaakeh 3.75 JD

Kunafa Sweetness 2.95 JD

Omelette with Cheese 2.50 JD
Chicken Stroganoff 4 JD

Grande or Roll: Zinger, Beef Bacon and Cheddar Cheese 3 JD

Labneh Bi Ajine Manqoushe 1.20 JD

Chicken Msakhan 2.80 JD

Zinger with Cheese Saj 2.11 JD

Beef Steak with Cheese Saj 2.15 JD

Cordon Bleu 2.45 JD

Zinger with Turkey and Cheese Saj 2.45 JD

Small Pizza, Drink and Fries 2.90 JD

1 Large Pizza, Salad, Fries and 2 Drinks 8.99 JD (For 2 Persons)

Combo 1: Beef Burger Deluxe, Fries and 1 Drink 3.80 JD

H2 Mushroom Burger 3.65 JD

Combo 6: Lasagna with Meat, Croissant and Pepsi 3.45 JD

Combo 5: Fettuccini Pasta, Croissant and Pepsi 3.45 JD

6 Inch Sandwich Meal: Tuna Sandwich Meal 4.12 JD

6 Inch Sandwich Meal: Roasted Chicken Breast Sandwich Meal 4.22 JD

Tokyo Noodle 4 JD

Sweet & Sour Noodles 4.50 JD

Kung Pao Noodles 4.50 JD

Superstar Combo: Beef Burger Double Meat, Fries and Pepsi 3.65 JD

Chicken Tinders Ranch Wrap, Fries, Ranch and Pepsi 2.50 JD

Chicken Royale Meal 3.58 JD

Double Whopper Meal 4.01 JD

Big Tasty Meal 3.73 JD

Grand Chicken Special 3.78 JD

Koshari Plate 2.50 JD

Bechamel Plate 2.50 JD

 Kofta with Cheese 3.16 JD

Escalope Bi Ajeen Wrap 2.84 JD

Super Shawerman Meal 3.20 JD

 Chicken Qedreh 3.25 JD

Chicken Ozi 3.25 JD

Meat Arayes sandwich 1 JD

Molukhiyeh, rice and chicken 3.50 JD

Kufta with Teheneh 4 JD

Fasoulya (Bean) or Bamyeh (Okra) with meat 4 JD

 Sayadiyeh with Fish 4.60 JD

Magloubeh with Eggplant 4.60 JD

Combo 1: Saj Shawerma 2.80 JD

Kashkaval with Turkey 1.51 JD


Group Meal: 4 Pizza’s of your choice, 24 chicken wings 23.99 JD

Triple Treat Box: 2 medium Pizza’s, 2 sider orders, 1 cookie, 2 sauces and 1 Liter Pepsi 15 JD

3 Large pizza’s offer 15 JD

Cozy Offer: 2 pizza’s, 4 Garlic Bread, Wedges or Salad, 1 Liter Pepsi 13.99 JD

3 medium pizza’s, 1 side order, 1 liter soft drink 14.99 JD

3-4 People – Chicken Shawerma 6.75 JD

3-4 People – Meat Shawerma 8 JD

20 Piece Tender Offer, 3 side orders, 3 soft drinks 9.99 JD

Saving Meal Offer: 8 chicken pieces,  2 chicken fillet sandwiches, 2 small side orders, 4 biscuits 9.99 JD

20 Chicken pieces, 4 french fries, 2 liter Pepsi, 4 pieces of bread, big salad, big garlic sauce 18 JD

Group Offer: 9 Chicken Pieces, Large Coleslaw, Family French Fries, 4 Buns And 1 Liter Of Pepsi 10.50 JD

Group Offer: 8 pieces Of Chicken (2 Chickens), 1 Curry Sauce, 1 Biryani Rice, 1 Hummus, 1 Salad, 6 Buri Bread, 2 Garlic & 3 French Fries 17.20 JD

Enjoy your office meal!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team