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The Weekender – 10 First Dates Under 20 JD

Dating in Amman can be a pricey affair, but we at Tip n’ Tag believe you can still have a great time without selling a kidney. This here is a fool-proof list of date ideas that won’t break your bank. Start texting your crushes, Tipsters!

Dali dazzles everyone with its open design and atmospheric lighting. For a unique date idea, drown in the sounds of people around you, as you and your loved one share a glass of wine over a sentimental talk about your traumatic childhoods

Price Range:
6 – 12 JD

Start your date at Oliva with a delicious pizza for two. If the conversation’s still flowing, stroll arm-in-arm over to Rumi Café and order a cup of tea to help you digest your love for one another.

Price Range:
5 – 15 JD

The view from Wild Jordan is absolutely dreamy – and if you play it right, you might just have more than a meal to bond over. Treat yourselves to an entree, and then enjoy the views with a cup of tea at MMAG before enjoying their art exhibitions.

Price Range:
8 – 20 JD

Rainbow St. is a staple for dating in Amman –  start at Caffe Strada, where you can cozy up and chat over a delicious Jasmine White Tea. Then, once you’ve built up an appetite, head down to Falafel Al Quds for some sandwiches. Finally, top-off the outing with a sweet treat at Gerard Ice Cream.

Price Range:
8 – 15 JD

If you believe nothing helps a relationship blossom like an adventure, here’s another date idea: call in sick on a weekday and take your beau to Carakale. Get a pizza on the way from Bellariva to enjoy with a beer once you reach the brewery. You can’t put a price on a hilltop sunset.
Price Range:
10 – 20 JD

Can someone tell us why breakfast dates aren’t more popular? After all, if it goes well, you’ve still got the whole day ahead of you! The cozy atmosphere at Shams El Balad’s outdoor terrace only gets better with their colorful dishes and a warming pot of tea.

Price Range:
10 – 15 JD

Downtown Amman can be romantic as any other place on this list with its winding roads and rustic buildings. Grab a falafel sandwich from Hashem, and eat it on the Kalha Stairs. There, you will find Jadal, where you can enjoy a warm drink as you people watch.

Price Range:
5 – 10 JD

Take the romance to the next level by driving down to the Dead Sea for a picturesque escapade. Fill up a thermos with your favorite hot beverage, or hard liquor, and catch up on good conversation during your mini road trip. You can even pick up some macarons from Sally’s for a sweet treat as you watch the sun go down on a perfect day.

Price Range:
15 – 20 JD

Books@Cafe is a staple of dating in Amman. Often described as a safe haven for people of various walks of life, this is a good place to enjoy a drink in peace. Get to know your partner with a view of Amman on their terrace. Bonus points if you spot the cats running around.

Price Range: 
8 – 16 JD

Impress your date with your artsy side and take them on the best date idea – an art gallery crawl. There are plenty of interesting exhibitions and spaces to check out in Jabal Amman and Weibdeh specifically.

Price Range: 
3 – 6 JD

Play safe, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team