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The Weekender – 10 Ideas for Fun Group Activities

 It’s that time of the year when things are blooming, which means it’s time to get your squad back in gear and active! We’ve put together a variety of fun group activities for whatever may float your boat. So if you’re down to get out of the house and do something fun, start crossing off the list and create some hilarious memories for posterity!

Adventure PROS

Why not sign up for an adventure and explore your country in a fun and exciting way? Forget just going on road trips, Adventure PROS is a one-stop kind of place for all your adventure needs. From hiking, canyoning, diving, mountaineering, buggy tours, archery and more…this option is perfect for a bonding trip with friends. As they say, live the rush! The more the merrier (and the cheaper)!

Price: 33 JDs ++ depending on customization

Jordan Mini Golf

Always had a curiosity about golf and want to give it a shot? Why not start with mini golf? Jordan Mini Golf is perfect for beginners and professionals alike, and boasts 18 holes that will take you 1-1.5 hours to get through. It’s the right thing for newbies and is still challenging for those used to making the rounds. So, putt up or shut up!

Price: 5-7 JDs

Sparkle Astronomy Club 

There’s nothing quite like bonding with your buddies while enjoying the stars in the night sky. Sparkle Astronomy Club wants to get you in touch with the universe above, with trips to Wadi Rum, Azraq, and many more exotic spots around the country. So why not put your star gazing filters on, and book a trip for an unforgettable night? Seems like it’s time to get your astronomy on while you can!

Price: 37 JDs per trip per person

Escape The Room 

While this game isn’t just going to test your problem solving skills, it’ll test your friendships! There’s no better way than getting to know someone than being locked in a room with them for an hour with no communication. On the flip side, there’s no better way to bond than playing a game. So just for fun, grab your friends and go searching for clues in the common pursuit of yes, escaping the room.

Price:  15 JDs per person

Beit Sitti

How about a little spin on dinner with friends? Instead of going out to a restaurant, grab some foodies and head over to Beit Sitti for a unique cooking and dining experience. You’ll learn to make a four course traditional arabic meal, and then enjoy the fruits of your labor with good company, good ingredients and a great view of old Amman.

Price: 40 JDs++ per person for a group of 4…so the bigger the group, the cheaper the cost!

Gravity Trampoline Park

Yes. A trampoline park. A legit trampoline park that will make the kid inside of you scream and jump and screech in joy! And the great thing is that there’s no age limit. You can jump around, bounce your heart out and do the flips your body itches to do when you think ‘trampoline’. So what are you waiting for?

Price: 12 JDs if you’re under 120 cm tall, 15 JDs if you’re over

Gladiator Entertainment

What started out as a joke has become a really popular game worldwide! Bubble Soccer is a cross between soccer and zorbing. The plastic orb allows you to run around freely and really put your heart into the game knowing that you’re protected. It’s a great way to mix some good old competition with a spirit of silliness and fun! All you need is a group of 8-12, and you’re guaranteed to laugh your lungs out.

Price: 10 JDs per person

Jordan Paintball Mountain Breeze Resort

Here’s an idea…paintball. It’s a hell of a game. Mountain Breeze Resort in the beautiful forest of Zay is home to a massive 16,000 square meter woodland paintball field for some epic fun! The resort is home to a lot more activities so it’s ideal for a day-trip. Plus, there’s an on-location restaurant so all you need to do is organize a group of 10 friends for a road trip and a battle to remember!

Price: 16 JDs to 21 JDs depending on bullet count

Strikers Entertainment Center

How about a one-stop shop for entertainment? Strikers Entertainment Center in the Kempinski Hotel is home to not only a great bowling alley, but also billiards, foosball and air hockey! So whether you’d like to hit a strike, sink a ball or score a baby goal…then this is game space for you. And not only will you enjoy a variety of games, but the ambiance and cozy atmosphere is great for a night out with friends. Are you in?

Prices: Bowling 5 JDs per game, Billiards 7 JDs per hour, Foosball 1.5 JDs per hour, Air Hockey 2 JDs per hour

Shamasy Cafe 

Interested in testing your strategic skills? Down for a more chill game night with your buddies? Then Shamasy Cafe is the spot for some old school favorites. It has everything, from Jakaroo, card games, chess and more! It’s a super easy way to escape the moody weather without having to resort to staying at home alone. Because enough with the indoors, right? Not to mention the cool upside down umbrellas everywhere.

Price: 10 JDs

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Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team