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The Weekender – 36 Alternatives to Gym-ing

Nobody ever said that working out has to take the life out of you. We all know time flies when you’re having fun. Pick a workout that you like, and it won’t feel like you’re even doing it. If you’re bored with your normal routine, we’ve got you covered. The Tip n’ Tag team went out of its way so that you won’t have to, with a list of alternative exercises to keep your beast mode going strong.


Yogis in Amman seem to be multiplying by the minute, and it’s not because they’re reproducing at an alarming rate. Yoga’s actually quite the therapist for your mind, body and soul. It clears your chakras, connects you with nature and gets you one step closer to mindfulness. Whether you’re a newbie or a pro, the places provided are a great start for you to get your yoga on.


Over the Rainbow

Namaste Zone

Racket Sports

We all know how much fun it is to play beer pong. Racket sports take that fun and put it into your workout. By having to move every-which-way to keep a ball moving back and forth, you easily get a full body exercise. If you’re into badminton, tennis or squash, look no further. It’s very unlikely that these places offer beer, though.

Matrix Gym - Orthodox Club

Shuttlers - Jordan Badminton Academy

Modern Tennis Academy


The streets of Amman are always crowded when the World Cup comes around, and for good reason too. Soccer’s a really fun activity, especially when you don’t get hit in the face with a ball. It builds endurance and is great for muscle coordination. Between bubble soccer and the real deal, you, your friends and your inner child can hit the fields from the list below and get in the zone.

Jordan Knights Football Academy

Amman FC

Al Ahli Club Jordan


When we think of swimming, our minds immediately go to pool parties, summer and tans. All of which are cool, because they mean relaxation – but that’s not all there is to swimming. People actually take this workout one step further, with Olympic swimming and diving. Whether you wanna be the new Michael Phelps, or just want to float around, these are the pools for you to be at in Amman.

Orthodox Club

Al Ahli Club Jordan


Great for your quads, stamina and spirit – cycling is one way to get in shape, and another to quit smoking. You can waste hours with this activity without even noticing, mostly because of how the scenery around you keeps changing, especially in Jordan. The cool thing about cycling in Amman are the group events that take you beyond the beautiful landscapes of Madaba, Umm Qais, the Dead Sea and more.

Bike Rush

Cycling Jordan

Amman Cycling Club


This one’s for all of us who like to make excuses. Running is the ultimate low-maintenance workout, unless of course it’s parkour. It’s a low cost, high return activity that gives more to you than it takes. With what the city has to offer, you can join a runner’s group, practice for marathons and even partake in color festivals. Hit the track and cut the crap already.

Running Amman

Trax Jo


If you’re on a tight schedule and have no more than an hour to spare, head down to a crossfit box. Between weight-lifting, rowing and gymnastics alone, you’re certain to build your core muscles. The community itself is very supportive – they’ll take you in immediately and you’ll know your dips from your planks in no time.

Crossfit QuickSand

Crossfit 962

Stone Hill Crossfit


Often times we check our friends’ Instagram stories and watch as they effortlessly assume human flag pole positions and do 360 degree rotations. Calisthenics is not an easy workout, but it sure is sexy. It’s a bodyweight exercise that primarily focuses on building core muscles. Being that it requires minimal equipment, it can easily be worked into your schedule, regardless of the time and place. 

Shredded House

Meedan MMA - Strength & Conditioning

Taboo Calisthenics Center


Mixed martial arts is a combination of all the martial arts. It’s great for when you can’t choose between one or the other, and need a legal release to all the pent up aggression from the afternoon traffic. You get to learn boxing, thai kickboxing, brazilian jiu-jitsu, jeet kune do and wrestling – basically, how to be a modern day ninja, and what better place to do that than in Amman?

Meedan MMA - Strength & Conditioning

FightX Martial Arts

Insanity Gym

Fitness Classes

Haven’t had the chance to scrape the dust off your gym membership and still want to stick to your new year’s resolution? You’re not the only one. That’s one reason why fitness classes are all the craze these days. With the guidance of a dedicated coach and a variety of exercises you won’t get sick of, you can hop back on the fitness train.


Lift JO

Jump Academy


If you’re looking for a great time and a fun activity, Amman’s got innumerable options for just that. Between climbing, hiking, archery, rugby and more, you and your friends can make the best out of a workout without it being a drag. Below are some places that couldn’t be confined to a particular category, that we couldn’t let you miss out on.


Pro Hikers

Jordan Rugby


Jordanian American Football League

Jordanian Parkour

Run out of excuses yet?

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team