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The Weekender – 19 Places Open After Midnight

Do you ever find yourself running around after midnight looking for a place to grab a drink or a bite? The Tip n’ Tag Team understands, which is why we’ve compiled a list of places you can be late at night. Whether you’re looking for a bite, a drink, or just a place to work, here are 19 sleepless spots for you night owls. We don’t know how much sleep these employees get, so go easy on them.


Welcome to Night Shift – where the burgers are as rebellious as the name! They roll deep into the night, serving up punked-out flavors that’ll rock your taste buds.

shawerma reem

Shawerma Reem has probably been there for your parents’ birth. It’s ancient, but their meat is fresh. Their shawerma is a classic Jordanian staple.


Fuel up your night at Fuel – their burgers are the ultimate post-drinks and all night out satisfaction. It’s not just a pit stop; it’s the destination for serious flavor after a wild night!

shai w na3na3

Shai w Na3na3 hears the calls of those craving shisha and munchies late at night and welcomes them to its folds. If ever you find yourself around Abdoun Circle, this cafe could be your go-to-spot for your fix of flavored nicotine and mint lemonades.

shawerma 3a saj

An order of shawerma with extra cheese and a touch of pomegranate molasses is always within reach at any of Shawerma 3a Saj’s outlets, as long as you drop by before 3:00 a.m..

the big slice

If you like it big, and we mean real big, look no further than these guys. With a saucy blend of 15 distinct local spices to pack a punch of diverse and rich flavors in every bite, your late-night weekend get-together just got a whole lot tastier.

triple 7
The late-night haven with seven restaurants under one roof! Catering to every craving, it’s the ultimate spot when everyone wants something different after hours.

the study house

All Study House branches excel at providing co-working spaces for students and workaholics alike, round the clock. Got a project you need to get done with your brothers in arms? Get productive and caffeinated here.


Somewhere in the depths of Amman’s oldest main streets, you can find Jafra Cafe. This spot overlooks one of the city’s liveliest and most bustling streets, and it offers delicious levantine bites and shisha.


Craving late-night sushi, but nowhere’s open past 12? Fame‘s got your back – this is the spot for tasty rolls that are sure to make your night. Don’t settle, make it delicious!

Kebab, an assortment of BBQ selections, shisha, and great atmosphere are all at Ward & Kabab. This joint is perfect for late night munchies, has anyone ever been here sober? It’s open round the clock, every day.


 If you’re gonna trust a chef with your burger, it might as well be a Top Chef winner. Ali Ghzawi is just that and boy does he bring the game to burger town.

the study lounge

Level up that late-night brain boost at The Study Lounge – Jordan’s biggest, baddest study spot! Free drinks, cool zones, VIP vibes, and open 24/7.


You might associate Zorba’s name with the undeground techno parties that take place on its rooftop. Just down the stairs, however, you can find the welcoming warmth of the original restaurant. They serve alcohol, so you can enjoy a glass of arak to go with your mezzeh.


Welcome to Ston’d Rooftop & Bar – where the flavors are as high as the views! Mouthwatering bites, killer drinks, and unforgettable moments


Picture this: Sipping on a Negroni at nestled away at Bruni’s Bar & Lounge at the St. Regis – the late-night vibe you crave, where elegance meets your midnight flavor fix.


Dali took the hipster scene by storm and is still serving up their favorites including affordable booze, food, coffee, and even shisha. This place’s charm lies in its open design and Birkenstock community. If you’re lucky, you might come across a puppy or two.

Hit up The Nub for late-night vibes with your crew. Sip, munch, and chill in this relaxed hub—keeping the good times going all night long, maybe even try their oddly shaped pool table?

uncle sam

Uncle Sam is arguably one of Amman’s oldest bars, having been around since the 70s. Enjoy a late-night beer with all of Amman’s bartenders, and keep an eye out for their events every once in a while.

Our condolences to those who are working the graveyard shift, you’re missing out.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team