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The Weekender – 6 Old School Bars Still Around Today

Yearning for a trip down memory lane? Feel like having a drink where your elders regularly savored their liquid courage, booze or brewskis? We all know these are the nouns you’d think of when it comes to beer or alcohol, but a true staple and friend to many in Jordan has been one in specific; Amstel. That neck, that smell, that sound when you first pop its cap open; these are the very things many long for after work hours are over. On the occasion of Amstel’s 60th anniversary, and in respect of their heritage collection, we at Tip n’ Tag took it upon ourselves to provide you with a heritage collection of our own; to commemorate Ammanis’ love for boozin’ and the godsend that is beer.

Auberge Restaurant & Bar

A gem as old as your grandparents, Auberge has witnessed Amman become the buzzing metropolis it is today. In a way, it’s the godfather of pubs, running since the 1940’s; way before all camels were sent to Madaba. It remains a place of heritage and character, decorated with iconic photos that go as far back as the 50’s.

Piccadilly Pub

One of the lesser known gems of Jabal Amman, Piccadilly has been, and continues to be since 1964, a true temple for those who love their liquor and ale. It sits on a bustling street with its glass windows and quiet charm, and carries within its intimate walls memories of simpler times and elements of tradition.

Uncle Sam

A trusted joint that welcomes you with an array of liquor even after last order’s been called upon in other locations; Uncle Sam is a humble bar of heritage. It’s where you had your first drink, where you smoked your first cigar, where all bartenders go for a nightcap. It hasn’t ceased to leave the lips of Ammanis since its opening back in ‘75.

After Eight Bar

A name that carries with it images of mint chocolate bites, After Eight is one of the bars that’ve been reaching the hearts of younglings and parents alike since the 70’s wave hit the city. Its alluding door, that’s just a few steps away from First Circle, beckons you to inner mysteries of a world beyond heritage and hooch.

Amigo Pub

Let not the bright red and blue deceive you, the walls of Amigo have been holding within them a true communal passion for simple pleasures since 1978. The pub’s distinct charm lies in the subtlety of its narrative, with its corner-tucked tables, more than loyal regulars and reminiscent melodies of early youth.

Bonita Restaurant

Warm in the dead of winter, cool in the heat of summer, Bonita mastered the art of balance the day it opened in ‘91. Its ‘secret garden’ and distinctive narrative keeps on winning over the hearts of its patrons, regardless of time of day. After all, nothing speaks volumes more than heritage and exemplary standards.

Fun little fact: Jordan’s been brewing Amstel since 1958.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team