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The Weekender – 10 Flexin’ Fit Stereotypes

Ammanis live and breathe fitness, which is a truly contagious trend. If you’re not a gym rat, you definitely know one. Wherever you go, you’ll always hear someone talking about their fit fam and gym community. In a day, you’ll catch a few rogue yogis and calisth-o-maniacs out and about, packing up your favorite spots. If you haven’t any idea where they go, the Tip n’ Tag Team will fill in the gaps for you. We’re here to let you in on the hot spots where the flexin’ fit freaks get their gains!

Crossfit Clan Members

A fun little game you can play around town is “ways to spot a Crossfitter”. Take it as an unspoken rule, Crossfit Clan Members are almost always dressed head to toe in Reebok and their palms are ripped and hard as steel. Brisket and Bloom are their little sanctuaries outside of the box.

Tip – To join a crossfit clan, head to Quicksand

Feminine Fit Freaks

Feminine Fit Freaks are always on about the newest ketogenic meal plan or detox trend, and naturally come with a cup of green tea in their hands. Their favorite words are calories, flax seed and almond butter. They’ll hit up Seed for a post-workout smoothie, and munch on some of Yoshi’s delectable sushi.

Tip – Take your Nikes out on a test ride at Inhale

Doin' it for the 'Gram

If they’re snapping at the gym instead of working out, they’re “Doin’ it for the ‘Gram”. These social butterflies love to join the hype of a trend and are normally married to their phones. You’ll probably find a few at Skyline Sushi, snapping their meal and eating the harbor instead of the boat.

Tip – All you need is gym clothes, an Instagram account and a membership at Fitness First


Yogi masters disguise themselves in dreadlocks, flip flops and harem pants. They’ll gladly tell you all about their vegan life, and how the spirit of nature nourishes their soul when they’re barefoot. You’ll find them either chilling by Kava, in their happy, hippy habitat, or indulging in a cleansing meal at Pepper & Pine.

Tip – To become a Yogi, head to YogaMy


Calisth-o-maniacs are the opposite of Waldo, and can be easily spotted in a crowd. These jungle people love their monkey bars, and are climbing light poles like acrobatic monkeys or camouflaging themselves as human flags. You’ll find them munching on their Nutribox meals, and heading to The Pit for gains.

Tip – Shredded House is flocking with calisthusiasts

Matchstick People

Matchstick People haven’t learned to match their upper and lower bodies, but sure know how to match their belts to their shoes. If their muscle T’s are in the laundry, they’re flexing their bodies with skin tight collar shirts.

Tip – You’ll find them bulking up and getting their protein at Muscle Kitchen and KABS FitFactory.

Jiu Jitsuers

Although the sport is pretty violent, Jiu Jitsuers tend to be sweet themselves. They probably low-key love their kinks, because let’s face it, a sport like that isn’t for germaphobes. If they’re not on the mat, satisfying their physical cravings, they’re binging at Fishface or Burger Shack.

Tip – Become a ninja at FightX

Trackster Masters

Trackster Masters love to strut their gorgeous legs around Dabouq, counting their steps and monitoring their heart beats on their Garmin devices. They’re pretty difficult to miss in their fluorescents and tights, so watch out when you’re driving! You’ll find them making their way to Starbucks and Salad Boutique for a post run, pick-me-up treat.

Tip – Avoid the streets and head to Trax JO for a less anxiety-ridden run


Lean, mean and quite sassy, this lot like to stir up a rumble. They live, love, breathe dancing and move to the groove to keep their bodies tight as hell, and express themselves rhythmically. The Shake-Yo’-Booty-Crew don’t need booze to get in the mood, but don’t be fooled if you find a flock of salsa dancers hitting up Trader Vic’s.

Tip – If you want to date a dancer, Tempo has a few to pick from


Merpeople and their glistening bodies is what you live for when you’re poolside. They’ll come out gracefully after “a few laps” in what the land lubber would deem a swim across the Atlantic, and are usually found drying off and chowing down at Calories Healthy Food. One has to wonder if our aquatic friends dabble in the Tuna Sandwich or the Fish Fillet?

Tips – Unleash your inner merperson at Gold’s swimming pool

Wherever you fitness freaks may reside, you have your fit family by your side.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team

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