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The Weekender – 10 Things To Do Under 20 JD

We often hear of people in Amman complaining about how there aren’t many things to do in town, and how expensive most activities are. While that might be true in some cases, there are plenty of things you can do that won’t break the bank. The Tip n’ Tag Team is here to introduce you to a few fun activities to enjoy while out on a budget.

Laser Tag @ Starwarriors

You’d think that a game of laser tag is just a way to spend a few hours with your friends. But you’d be surprised at how much of a work out and a delightful team activity it is. Starwarriors is one place you can have a little galactic laser fun while detoxing away your day-to-day born sins.

Price: 3 rounds for 15 JD
*Each round lasts 15 minutes

Break Things @ AXE RageRooms

Sometimes all you want to do is ram your car into that idiotic driver who made you learn about your new-found cursing skills. The truth of the matter is, you can’t just ram your car into someone else’s, because then you’ll mess up your own. What do you do when you want to take out all that rage? Hit up AXE RageRooms and break things for an hour straight.

Price: 15 JD per hour

Spend A Day @ House of Dreaming

Where do you go to spend a day in Amman without having to break the bank? Surely you’ve thought about that question before. House of Dreaming is an intimate hub for those who want to read a book, or spend a day in a relaxed atmosphere outside of the premises of a cafe. Its colorful walls and many seating areas will surely bring you joy and peace of mind.

Price: Practically nothing, unless of course you decide to spend some money on a little snack from a nearby supermarket.

Watch A Film @ The Royal Film Commission

One of the many fun things to do around the city in the summertime is watching an outdoor movie screening. Whether you’re spending a family day out, or just need a little breather, a film is your way to go. The Royal Film Commission regularly keep their followers posted on their latest movie screenings, and there’s something for everyone.

Price: Free entrance

Zip-Lining @ Jordan Ecopark

Ever watched a video of people zip-lining down a hill and thought,”hey, that’s something I could do”. Although you won’t be going down the Alps in what we imagine would only be a cold and thrilling activity, you can still partake in the fun. Jordan Ecopark has a 530 meter long zip-line at almost twice the height of the Abdoun bridge. Enjoy the ride as you zip down into a bedding of nature.

Price: 15 JD for the zip-line, 1 JD entry fee to the park

Rent a bike @ Nader Bikes

Thinking of being active without hitting the gym yet another day? Rent a bike! It’s always a fun thing to do. You’ll constantly be changing scenery, and you’ll feel a lot more better about your workout out in the open air. Nader Bikes is one place you can get a bike rental for the day, and still be within your budget.

Price: 7 JD for an entire day

Look At Art @ Orient Gallery

If visiting one gallery isn’t enough art for your soul to breathe again, perhaps two or three would do. Gallery hopping is similar to bar hopping, in that, you won’t have to travel too far by foot or car. Orfali Art Gallery, Foresight32 and Orient are relatively all in the same suburb. Hit them up, and treat yourself to an art-filled afternoon.

Price: Free entrance, and no piece is under 20 JD, so you really won’t be spending anything.

Virtual Reality @ The Switch Center

Although you can’t catch a flight for under 20 JDs, you can still escape reality for that amount. Virtual reality is a man-made creation that defies what simple logic our reptilian brains can handle. You might think it’s not one of the cheaper things to do around the city, but you’d be surprised at just how much you can get out of your 20 JD budget at Switch Center.

Price: 5 JD for a basic round of 15 minutes shooting zombies and all that sweet stuff.

Have A Picnic @ The Citadel

The sweet thing about a home prepped meal is that you can have it anywhere you please. The sky is the limit to where you can eat. But a good place to go for a picnic is somewhere you can actually enjoy your meal with a view. Where better a place to enjoy simplicity than on top of the city at the Citadel?

Price: 0.25 JD entry fee for locals, 3 JD for expats

Go on a hike @ Wadi Mujib

Yet another fun thing to do on a budget – hiking is an activity you can never get bored of. You don’t need to sign up to all those hiking groups to get in touch with nature. You can easily get in your car and drive up to Wadi Mujib for a little adventure in nature. Depending on what you need, you might not spend a piaster.

Price: Just about the price of gas you need or food you buy for the road.

Who says there aren’t cheap things to do around the city?

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Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team