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The Weekender – 9 Asian Food Favorites & How Much They Cost

Raise your hand if you could eat Asian food every day, for the rest of your life. We’ve compiled your go-to Asian (East and South!) eateries in Amman so you’ll never be without Asian, sushi, pad thai, or chicken tikka masala!

Bibimbap at Bibim

Right at the heart of Rainbow Street lies Bibim, one of the newest Asian restaurants in Amman. The magic of this quaint Korean restaurant lies in its city views and relaxed stylish atmosphere. Order the restaurant’s namesake, the bibimbap – a traditional Korean rice dish with vegetables, topped with a sunny side up. Mix it all together and you know you’ve got some mean Korean food.

Pad Thai at Papaya

Beyond the seemingly endless seas of local hipsters, you’ll find Papaya, Amman’s newest Thai restaurant. Where do you start with Thai food? The choices are many when it comes to the delectable cuisine. However, a good choice is Phad Thai. Grab a table outside, and dig into your steamy noodle dish as passersby drool past you.

Kung Pao Chicken at Ren Chai

Ren Chai is where you can have a proper Chinese fine dining experience, complete with an atmosphere inspired by Chinese culture, and nature. Dig into their tender, spicy and perfectly seasoned Kung Pao Chicken. If you’re not in the mood to have rice, ask for their chef’s homemade noodles!

Tip: order one of their bento boxes for a delicious and affordable office meal!

Sushi at The Sushi Den

It’s commonly agreed upon that sushi is the best thing since sliced bread. It sits on top of the Asian food chain. One place you can get your fix at is Sushi Den. This intimate and laid-back den specializes in serving the Japanese delicacy. Maki rolls or sashimi, you can’t go wrong with either – or both.

Som Tum Thai @ Thai Room

Looking for a fresh salad with an Asian twist? Thai Room serves up a delicious Som Tom Thai – a traditional Thai papaya salad. This zesty bowl of goodness packs shrimps and shredded papaya, making it a great starter before you eat your way through their menu.

Ramen at Roe

Comfort food is great. It helps people get out of the bed in the morning and be functional human beings. Roe offers a taste of real comfort food: Ramen. This bowl of homemade noodles is served with tasty veggies and succulent meat. Opt for the savory tofu to go with your bowl if you’re trying to avoid meat. For the adventurous souls, we recommend you ask for dumplings on your ramen!

Sushi Burrito at Fishface

There are as many sushi places in Amman as there are burger joints, but few are as unique as Fishface. As pioneers of the art of the sushi burrito, Fishface offers oversized sushis crafted to be eaten like burritos. Pick from a diverse menu of fillings, and don’t be afraid to try the spicy wraps!

Szechuan beef at Chinese Village

Chinese Village is a quaint restaurant located at the heart of the city. If you’re at a loss browsing its expansive menu full of Chinese and Mongolian delicacies, try the spicy Szechuan beef. The atmosphere created by the Chinese background music will take you on an internal journey. While you wait on your dish, marvel at the fish swimming in the stream outside on the terrace.

Chicken Tikka Masala at Tandoori Oven

Looking for a fix of buttery smooth Asian food? Get that warm, fuzzy feeling going inside your stomach with Tandoori Oven’s Chicken Tikka Masala. The buttered and marinated chicken dish is drenched in spicy curry sauce, and is definitely a feel-good meal to get the rest of your evening going.

Keep your chopsticks handy, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team