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The Weekender – 💎 Places That Shined in 2022

Before you say goodbye…to this year, let us take a walk, shall we? Down memory lane, that is, for a round-up of some of the places that shined in Amman this year! Like really, really shined *breaks out into song: shine bright like a diamond!* From carbs, to caffeine, and the community that gathered in between, gather round, gather all! 

Coffee with a side of aesthetics is what was served up this year in large doses. Some of you sought out Instagrammable spots while others were looking for places that were surely fur baby friendly. This year our Tipsters loved their Spanish Lattes almost as much as their pups – and it shows!

Tip: Ole, Ole: The Spanish Latte, iced or hot is your escape away!

Tip: Try the Matcha Cheesecake that almost looks too good to eat!

Tip: Hear us out, Iced Rose Latte with some alternative milk and a Fatayer Cheese and Za’atar bite. A unique combo, irresistible taste, and you’ll love it so much, so order the super size.

It’s happy hour somewhere, isn’t it? These were the places that answered the time old question this year: Where can I find the best happy hour deals? And, luckily enough, for those who get cold, these places added some heat

Tip: The Beetroot Martini and Spicy Tuna are the perfect pairing for spicy and sweet!

Tip: Ask your waiter for a wine and food pairing that won’t disappoint!

Tip: Try the Kofta with Tahini and an Old Fashioned.

Carbs are the closest thing to divinity in this part of the world and 2022’s best bakeries raised the flag high. To all the carb lovers out there, this one goes out to you. P.S. – this list can also be used as your carb travel bucket list around Amman.

Tip: This is where every season and reason comes to life. Check out their Kanafeh Croissant and say it 3 times fast.

Tip: Order a double decker sandwich “for here” and take a sourdough loaf “to go.”

Tip: Try the Lahme Focaccia topped with pomegranate or anything with strawberry, like the strawberry cream.

A sweet tooth never goes out of fashion. This year Amman treated us to a variety of goodies on the dessert front. Question: Where can I have the best desserts? Answer: These treats are so sweet, you’ll be so lucky to eat, bon appetit. 

Tip: Order the waffles with pistachio sauce for some yaaaaaahhhhhhhm (this is meant to be pronounced out loud)!

Tip: You literally can’t go wrong with the classic: original glazed donut. We’d be angry with you if you dared to look beyond.

Tip: This is where kid friendly and inner child meet. Dress your favorite desserts however you please!

Where can I find the best burger? Ask any of your friends and you’re sure to get into a heated debate. These guys served em’ up just right in 2022.

Tip: Say hello to the classic: melted cheddar cheese, two patties, pickles, lettuce, tomato, and classic.

Tip: It might take more than two bites to finish their lava burger which features the ever so glamorous, wagyu beef.

Tip: Order This: Chicken Burger + Buffalo Sauce = Love

Waking up in the morning can be hard, but this year most of our Tipsters were excited to wake up and hit up one of these breakfast places. Big hit of the year? French Toast – and although the French knocked out our beloved Bono, ehm we mean, Morocco. We’re paying a tribute to 2022’s ubiquitous syrupy dessert.

Tip: Their location at the Amman Citadel is the juncture where breakfast and a romantic date meet. P.S. – In order to visit the restaurant, you need to grab a ticket from the ticketing office of the Citadel.

Tip: Avocado toast that is both Instagrammable and satiable. Praline french toast that is to die for.

Tip: You can’t go wrong with the mixed berry fluffy toast, topped with the lightest of whip creams and dried flowers. 

For all those times that you just wanted to meet with some friends and put on some sweats for a quick bite to eat in 2022, we’ve rounded up a small medley of our Tipster faves.

Tip: Don’t skip out on the brisket.

Tip: Their new location in Shmeisani includes some amazing low-lit seating.

Tip: Butter Chicken. Cheese Naan. Pomegranate Molasses Raita. Eat. Sleep. Repeat. Thank us later.

For all those times you needed to shake things up a bit and expand your palette in 2022, here are just some of the favorite Asian restaurants that took the lead this year. Me love you long time.

Tip: Try the Chicken Tongdak, which is both sweet and savory.

Tip: Try the lettuce wrap as an appetizer amongst friends,  and then take on a Tomami Tempura roll, and end with the sizzling Fried Banana Ice Cream.

Tip: Go for all you can eat!

You sure felt artsy this year Tipsters. Whether it took a lot of time or was accompanied by a little wine, you loved to keep your ears, nose, hands and toes busy this year.

Tip: Think out of the box and jump right in. You can try literally everything and expand your creative abilities!

Try: Other than the Signature Salmon Avocado, this is a good place to catch up on some conversation and enjoy some workshops while you’re at it.

Try: The paint while you wine experiences where your inner artist might just get a little better with each sip.

Indoor, outdoor, 2022 served every activity under the sun, but we are here to highlight some of the best we let through our door. Where can I explore fun activities? Did someone say Paddle Tennis? Here are just a few that made the cut.

Go: If you don’t scare easily but your friends do. Muahaha. Try to escape in under 45 minutes and let us know if you survive.

Go: To find out why Paddle Tennis took the world by storm. What are you waiting for?

Go: To immerse yourself in glow in the dark activities ranging from mini-golf to air hockey to ping pong to darts…wait what? Darts in the dark? Hmmm… sounds like a recipe for revenge.

Shine on you Crazy Diamond!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team