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The Weekender – ☀️ Best Picnic Spots in Jordan

Get ready to embark on an adventure through Jordan’s most tantalizing picnic spots. From lush green parks to tranquil shores, we’ve scoured every nook and cranny to uncover the perfect places for your next picnic. And hey, while you’re soaking in the stunning views and savoring delicious bites, why not add a dash of extra fun with a refreshing beverage from Qahwa Blk? With their fantastic flavors, they’re the perfect picnic companion to elevate your experience to a whole new level of enjoyment. So grab your basket, grab your drink, and let’s go! 

Green Field - picnic

Longing a nice outdoor BBQ and not sure where to go? Green Field is your go-to spot for a day of chilling and grilling. No need to worry about equipment, the venue provides you with a barbecue station. Gather up your friends, meat, coal, BLK playing cards and make your way to this park.

Tip: Avoid the park on weekends, as it tends to get extremely packed.

King Hussein Park - picnic

Spanning 170 acres of scenic landscape, King Hussein Park is a haven for relaxation and recreation. Offering sports fields, play areas, and iconic landmarks like the King Hussein Mosque and The Royal Automobile Museum, this park is a playground for all ages. Amidst its lush greenery, enjoy a leisurely picnic with family and friends—a perfect way to unwind in the heart of Amman.

Tip: The vast amount of land and trees make for a great game of Hide-and-Seek.

King Talal Dam - picnic

Get ready for an epic escape! Just a quick 50-minute drive from Amman, King Talal Dam beckons with its natural beauty and laid-back vibes. With plenty of shady trees to claim as your chill spot, it’s the ideal setting to kick back, relax, and enjoy the stunning scenery. And what’s a day out without an Iced Spanish Latte on the go from Qahwa BLK?

Tip: A hike is a great reason to escape your comfort zone. Be sure to use Google Maps, as this won’t be guided by anything other than Siri.

Canvas Park

Nestled in Weibdeh, right by The Jordanian Gallery of National Arts, this park is a true gem. It’s not just about its strategic location—it’s a haven of sculptures and shady trees, making it the ultimate spot to unwind after a day of art gallery hopping. So, after you’ve had your fill of culture, kick back, relax, and let Canvas Park add some color to your day!

Tip: End your day with a drink at Dali!

panorama dead sea - picnic

You’ve probably breezed past those Panorama Dead Sea signs a million times without a second thought. But guess what? You’re missing out on one heck of a sunset spot! Forget the drive-by; this place is pure magic. Perched on a cliff, surrounded by mountains, Panorama Dead Sea serves up serious sensory thrills as waves crash below. It’s like stepping into a dream with the most epic backdrop ever!

Tip: No worries about packing snacks. Once the sun sets, it’s time for their Middle Eastern menu—get ready to dig in and enjoy the flavors!

Amman Martyrs Park - picnic

If you’re in Deir Ghbar, you’ve got to check out Martyrs Park—it’s the ultimate fun zone! Picture this: tons of benches for chilling, swings galore for soaring through the air, and oodles of space for biking or playing catch. It’s like a giant playground just waiting for you to unleash your inner kid! So grab your friends or bring the fam, and let the good times roll!

Tip: Stop by Qahwa BLK for some goodies before you head to the park because you won’t find any places to snack at directly around the park.


Step into a fairytale forest in the heart of the North and immerse yourself in lush greenery at Ajloun Visitor Center. But before you head home, don’t forget to check out the local goodies available for purchase at the visitor center. It’s the perfect way to take a piece of Ajloun’s charm with you!

Tip: There are small cottages which can be rented and visitors can sleep overnight within the reserve.

Al-Rawda Park Irbid - picnic

With its vibrant foliage and tranquil atmosphere, Al-Rawda Park is a beloved destination for both locals and tourists. Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll amidst nature’s beauty or a delightful family picnic, this park has got you covered.

Tip: Head downtown to the famous Dar As-Saraya museum for bit of history.

Zahran Park

Adding a pop of natural charm to the journey to the Third Circle, Zahran Park is a delightful surprise along the cityscape. Don’t be fooled by its small size—this little haven is bursting with vibrancy and serene vibes! Whether you’re in the mood for a leisurely stroll or a relaxed reading session, Zahran Park has you covered. It’s like stumbling upon a hidden oasis in the midst of the urban hustle, making it a go-to spot for locals craving some downtime.

Tip: If you’re a breakfast person, head to Casper & Gambini’s for some delish omelettes close by.

Sea salt beach - picnic

Let’s spice up your picnic game with a visit to the salt formations along the Dead Sea! Picture this: setting up your picnic spot surrounded by nature’s own artwork—the mesmerizing salt formations. With the Dead Sea as your backdrop, it’s not just a meal; it’s a feast for the senses. So grab your picnic basket & don’t forget to pack Qahwa BLK‘s Khalta for some seriously refreshing coffee-infused drinks!

Tip: Wear good shoes because it’s pretty steady and be careful where you move your feet.

Dibeen Forest Reserve

Calling all adventure seekers! Dibeen Forest Reserve is the ultimate destination for a Friday picnic. With its enchanting hillside woodland and serene natural park, it’s the perfect setting for outdoor fun. Don’t forget to pack your speakers and snacks—after all, spring won’t last forever!

Tip: Book a session at the Dibeen Ceramics Workshop and unleash your artistic talents amidst nature’s beauty!

Iraq Al Amir Women Cooperative Society

A place to enjoy delicious local food and unique goods—it’s a celebration of women empowerment and Jordanian heritage! For over two decades, these inspiring women have been preserving traditional crafts like paper-making, offering captivating cooking classes, and showcasing exquisite handicrafts.

Tip: Support their mission and indulge in one of the Jordan’s tastiest breakfasts— be sure to reserve in advance for a flavorful morning!

Barqash Forest - picnic

Immerse yourself in nature at Barqash Forests—the largest forests in Jordan! Located in the Northern Jordanian Highlands, this trail is a nature lover’s dream, offering endless opportunities for exploration and picnicking. As you traverse the path, you’ll encounter ancient Roman ruins, traverse dense forests, and enjoy breathtaking views of the valley below. Plus, the well-established paths make for a smooth and enjoyable journey. So pack your picnic basket and go!

Tip: Looking to add a thrilling adventure to your visit? Consider booking a hike with Yallah Adventure JO!

It’s time for a dose of nature.

Lemur Love,

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