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The Weekender – 10 Things To Get Your Mind Off Fasting

We’re two weeks into Ramadan already and the hunger keeps on striking. Are you starting to look for things to do in Amman to get your mind off fasting? How about engaging in these 10 activities before Iftar? We at Tip n’ Tag guarantee time passing faster.

Mountain Breeze Resort

Some of the better Ramadan activities that get your mind off fasting include swimming. Why go to a hotel in Amman when you can spend a weekend at Mountain Breeze Lodge and Resort? You’re not really breaking your fast if you’re not drowning.

World of Illusions

The mind can play tricks on you when you’re hungry, but it won’t do it as well as World of Illusions. The interactive exhibit features an array of optical illusions including holograms, games and more. It offers a family friendly experience, and can be a place to take your kids before Iftar.

Badaro Art Center

You can always partake in creative activities in Amman and unleash your inner artist. Clay-play, for example, is one of the funner daytime activities you can engage in before breaking your fast. Badaro Art Center offers private wheel throwing classes for you and your friends to get your hands dirty with and to clear your mind.

Price: 150 JD per person for a 30 hours private class
Time: Mondays & Wednesdays or Sundays & Tuesdays, 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
*If you go as a group of 5 Tipsters and say you came from Tip n’ Tag, you get a 10% discount!


One of the things to do in Amman that gets your mind off Ramadan is bouldering. Of course, there are two ways to go about this activity; either in nature like Jason Momoa, or at Climbat like the rest of us. Whether you plan to go before or after Iftar depends on the day of the week, as on weekends they close at 8:00 p.m..

Wild Jordan Center

Anyone who’s ever picked up a book can tell you how fast time flies when you’re reading. A good place to do so is Wild Jordan. You can sit in their library hub and read through your book with a view of old Amman. What better way to get your mind off fasting?

Locals Boardgames Cafe

Boardgames are one of the more popular things to do in Ramadan. They’re fun, interactive, and are an easy way to gather the lot before Iftar. Where better to go than Locals? The place has got it all; from plain ol’ Monopoly to What Do You Meme!

Escape The Room

You can never have enough of escape games, at least not when the thrill is always different. Why not get an adrenaline rush to sustain you while you’re fasting? Ramadan activities don’t always have to be meditative and calming. Book your hour at Escape the Room and make new memories with your friends.

Scooby-Doo Family Park and Dogs Hotel

On Wednesdays we wear pink, and on weekends we take our dogs out for a treat! One of the better-known, family friendly dog parks in Amman is Scooby-Doo. They’ve got a dog playground where your furry friends can play around with other dogs and interact with children as well. If that’s not enough, you can let your dog run around the park’s vast grounds off the leash!

Visit An Art Gallery

You can easily sift through an art gallery in one hour, if, of course, if you’re mesmerized by more than one piece. Orient tends to have that effect on you. Their extensive selection of art pieces are either hanging on their walls, or await your curiosity in the storage room.

The Citadel

The sense of freedom that comes with this pastime activity is unmatched by all the other ones in this list. Seeing as the electric wires around the city can be a bit problematic, there’s no better place to fly a kite than the Citadel. Plus, it’s kind of a two-for-one-deal, where you get to both enjoy yourself and get a taste of history.

May the hanger games end! Ramadan Kareem, Tipsters.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team