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The Weekender – 5 Best Coffee Spots

Coffee. Some people can’t start their day without it. Many seek refuge in a hot cup of coffee. Some simply need it for sustenance. So what is it about this stimulant that makes it so sought after? Perhaps it’s the seductive aroma of roasted coffee beans, the bitter tang of liquid potential or the comforting warmth that no one but joe can give.

Since coffee is the official beverage of cultures, the variations are endless. Whether you’re into Turkish coffee, a shot of espresso, sweet coffee concoctions or strong cups of black Americano’s…we’ve got you covered. This week, we’ve picked the 5 best coffee spots in Amman, not only for their flavorful poison, but also for their ambiance. Because we all know, coffee isn’t just a drink…it’s an experience.

Seven Pennies 

Seven Pennies is coffee with a cause. Why not kill two birds with one stone, and do some good while enjoying one of your favorite past times? For every cup of coffee you buy, Seven Pennies donates seven pennies for every 1 JD spent on drinks. Especially noteworthy is that the money goes to the Jordan River Foundation, helping fight child and women’s abuse. So if anyone asks why you’re on your fourth cup of coffee, just tell them that what you’re actually doing is giving back to the community. Plus, the modern decor, affordable prices and abundant electrical outlets doesn’t hurt.

Must Try: Caramel Macchiato

B@C in Abdoun

Open windows and lots of light surrounded by books among books among books. Therefore, what better complimentary choice can one merge with coffee? Books at Cafe in Abdoun is just that. Flooded with a vibe of coziness, this corner cafe is perfect for stimulating conversations. The friendly staff is always there to help, and if you get hungry they offer tasty food and crunchy biscotti.

Must Try: Vanilla Latte


If you’re the type that likes to mix in culture and knowledge while you drink your cup of joe, then Jadal is the place for you. Situated in one of the oldest houses in Jabal Al Weibdeh, this 1933 built home boasts a beautiful yard, reading area, gallery and classrooms. So if you need a space for brainstorming sessions, working on your next big idea, Jadal for Knowledge and Culture is the place to foster that creative innovation. It is a secret magical garden in Amman, inviting and warm and perfect for a little getaway.

Must Try: Black Coffee


Jafra is reminiscent of a time before this time. Rather, it is a manifestation of the old and the new. Riddled with old heritage, this quaint cafe is a nostalgic nudge to authentic Arabian coffee joints. Located in the heart of downtown Amman, Jafra is perfect for lively conversations. Featuring live music, what some call the best shisha in town, and simple wooden decor…it is a refreshing alternative to modern day cafes. So why not grab a friend, an argeeleh and turkish coffee for a little change of pace?

Must Try: Turkish Coffee

Caffè Strada

In the mood to channel more of a western vibe? Caffe Strada just off Rainbow Street, is the hub for the young and inspired. With beautiful brick walls, sarcastic marketing, smoke-free space and strong Wi-Fi… Caffe Strada will almost make you forget you’re in Amman at all. And to top it off? They offer delicious desserts from their European-inspired parlour, perfectly made to compliment your coffee-induced work-mode trip. Hence the awesomeness.

Must Try: Caffè Marocchino

Whether you’re wanting to cozy up to a good book, have a intimate conversation, reminisce the good old days, help a cause or escape the city with your choice of coffee… finding where to go is only a click away. So the next time you’re itching for your caffeine fix, pick something new off the list and explore the bean trail in Amman.

Drink up, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team