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The Weekender – Ridiculously Romantic Getaways

Valentine’s Day is upon us, and if you’re at a loss for how to spend this day of love with your special someone, we at Tip n’ Tag have decided to list all of our go-to romantic spots and ideas in this week’s Weekender. Put on your best clothes, and remember to shower, or grab your hiking gear if you’re an outdoorsy lover, and check out our list of romantic getaways inspired by the traditional local goodness Jordan has to offer.

Weekend Escapes

Mujib Chalets

The Mujib Reserve is the lowest nature reserve on earth, and the Mujib Chalets are right on the outskirts of that. Swing with your Valentine on a hammock, and soak in the vista overlooking the Dead Sea. You’ll have direct access to Dead Sea mud, with all of its therapeutic effects, as well as a dinner prepared on site.

Mountain Breeze Resort

Not ready for the commitment of having children? Adopt a tree at the Mountain Breeze Resort. Situated in the scenic mountains of Gilead just west of Amman, this resort offers lodges with wonderful views of the mountains from their terraces. Enjoy a dinner prepared with freshly grown organic ingredients, surrounded by nothing but the forestry that was in large part grown by the Resort and its visitors. 

Bait Al Baraka

If your idea of romance includes hot, sweaty exercise, then Bait Al Baraka is just the place for you. This quaint little guest house located in Umm Qais in the Northern reaches of Jordan offers a lot of outdoors activities including foraging, beekeeping, and cycling through Umm Qais. Take a hike across the hills surrounding the quiet little town, and camp under the stars after a full-days hike.

Feynan Ecolodges

This secluded ecohotel in the Dana Reserve is almost exclusively lit by stars and candles at night, making it a uniquely romantic rendezvous in the heart of Jordan’s most undisturbed wildlife reserves. Enjoy Feynan’s vegetarian candlelit dinners, and spend the night out in the open, stargazing with your flame. The lodge’s charm lies in its quiet atmosphere, and the guided tours into Dana provided by local Bedouins residing there.

Main Hot Springs Resort & Spa

What’s more romantic than going down below sea level with your significant other? If that’s your cup of tea, book a steamy weekend at the Ma’in Hot Springs Resort and Spa. Indulge in an exquisite range of treatments, or let nature massage your worries away under the waterfalls at the thermal pool. A private candlelit dinner can be arranged, with a great view overlooking the springs of Ma’in.

Getaways on a Dime


The scenic town of Madaba is one of Amman’s oldest cities. Situated a short drive south of Amman, it’s worth taking your better half on a road trip there. Consider exploring the city’s ancient archeological sites and colorful mosaics before dropping by a restaurant built into a cave, Mrah Salameh for a traditional Arabic dinner. Kawon, Madaba’s first bookshop located in the heart of the city, just had its official opening. It’s a social space, where you can enjoy drinks and browse a selection of rare books with your date.


Salt is a charming town in the Western reaches of Jordan, and it is home to Jordan’s oldest churches, and buildings. At this point in the list, if you’re tired of asking your soulmate to go to places with you, make them take you to Salt! With many sights to catch like the Abu Jaber Museum and the Church of St. George, you’ll have a grand time exploring. Experience one of Jordan’s oldest marketplaces on Hamam Street, and end your trip with a special Valentine’s dinner prepared at Beit Aziz, with a gorgeous view of the town itself.


Can’t leave town? Amman’s got you covered. Jabal Amman is one of the city’s most romantic areas, with a bevy of places you could go to for great views of the old town. You can start off with a stroll down Rainbow Street, and dinner at Sufra, a quaint little traditional Arabic restaurant just halfway down the road. Once your special friend is fed and happy, take them to Cantaloupe, and taste the stars with their bellinis on the bar’s heated terraces overlooking the city. Finish off your date by discovering Jabal Amman’s quieter alleys surrounding Rainbow Street.

Sometimes, it’s enough to be young and in love.

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team