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The Weekender – Cool Concept Coffee Shops

One of the finest things about autumn is the urge that comes with it to cozy up. What better way to do so than with a good read at an intimate and possibly unique coffee shop? If what’s holding you back is the lack of cool cafes, the Tip n’ Tag Team is here to change your mind. Grab that book and put on your jacket, we’ve got what you’re looking for.

The Coffee Lab

Innovation can only go as far as you allow it, but a bit of coffee and inspiration never fail to further fuel your process. The Coffee Lab is nothing short of a creative space; with chemical equations hanging from its walls and a periodic table that leads to your caffeinated desires.


Two things you can easily say with complete disbelief are that unicorns are real, and that smoke-free places exist in Amman. MindHub is one of the few caffeine sanctuaries able to actualize one of the two (sorry no unicorns in sight, yet). Entering this coffee shop is a welcome escape for your lungs and a pleasure for your coffee-buds.

Jasmine House Art & Food

Combining art and heritage in a gastronomic experience, Jasmine House is more of a restaurant than a coffee shop. Yet, to have a coffee here on a crisp autumn day is to breathe life into your essence. Wholesome, calming and inviting, this amalgamation of satiating rewards is truly giving to the soul.

Skylar Coffee House

No matter how cool it would be to spot an actual panda at a coffee shop, it isn’t the cuddly animal’s natural habitat. Skylar stands by its panda-theme creatively though, with bamboo designs and a minimalistic approach. It effortlessly promotes productivity within its light and spacious atmosphere.

Fluffy Coffee Bar & Donuts

If there’s one thing cops do right, it’s eating and loving donuts. Whether they’re glazed, frosted or ‘nude’, these sweet confections are made to be paired with coffee. For those of you who agree and want to truly immerse yourselves in the heart-warming experience, Fluffy has a donut for every type of taste.

Sade Coffee House

Turkish coffee has a supernatural power when compared to other blends, and yet it’s somehow stronger in a turkish setting. Only a short walk away from the Royal Film Commission, Sade lies nestled between culture and aesthetic. Entering it is much like arriving at a not-so-foreign-land.

Cookie Lisa

The word is out, and if you haven’t heard, love is a cookie pizza consumed on a hanging bench. Cookie Lisa has cracked the Da Vinci Code of romanticism with a simple pairing. You might agree that there is no sweeter pleasure than biting into a soft and chewy cookie in between sips of a warm cup of coffee.

The Backyard Coffee & Dough

To find sanctuary in the city is rare and refreshing; The Backyard developed its home around this motif. Hanging greenery, wooden ceilings and high walls are but the tip of the iceberg that awaits you at this intimate coffee shop. What better place to pick up a book as you reintroduce yourself to autumn?

Raqmu Coffee House

A journey back through time is what you’re served alongside your coffee between these intimate four walls. Raqmu is more informative than casual. Named after what is now known as Petra, it stands to introduce you to that narrative with elements as unique as their ceramic cups.

Indoor Cafe

Craving sleek aesthetics to match the crisp autumn weather? Don’t limit yourself to “the Ikea experience”; a better alternative is nestled among the shops of University Street. Indoor Cafe, with its red brick wall and white painted door brings you one step closer to European flavor.

Wrap yourself in the warmth of a caffeinated beverage in style.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team