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The Weekender – 22 Vegan, Gluten-Free & Keto Options

Struggling to find vegan, gluten-free, or keto options to suit your dietary needs in Amman? The Tip n’ Tag Team understands your struggle of being conscious of your intake, whether you’re living with Celiac disease, or following a certain diet. Follow this guide for GF and cruelty-free bites you can find around Amman.

Blue Fig Crusts

Blue Fig Crusts is a new concept bakery that just opened in the folds of Blue Fig. Here, you’ll find a variety of breads you would normally struggle to find elsewhere in town. If you didn’t come here for the organic bakes, then you’re probably here for the gluten-free goods, ranging from your not-so-basic loaves, to deliciously crafted cupcakes. Their easy-to-follow menu outlines exactly what’s in any of their baked goods, so you can rest easy if you have any dietary restrictions. Can you name any other place that serves gluten-free burger buns?


Primal is your go-to spot for all paleo and vegan needs: yes, cheesecakes included. Here, you’re guaranteed to be served organic and delicious bites, whether or not you’re a carnivore. Be sure to try their gluten-free mana’ish, with or without vegan cheese.

Shams El Balad

Shams El Balad will dazzle you with its many terraces and ever changing design. It has a uniquely organic selection of local vegetarian dishes presented with a twist. Why? Because nothing is scarier than a flock of hangry vegetarians. Yes, not even angry soccer moms.

Bayt Sara

Bayt Sara took vegan food by storm, like a vegetable typhoon. People rave about Sara’s vegan shawerma, sometimes claiming it tastes better than the “real thing”. This bistro also serves vegan lasagnas and apple pies, so go wild!

Luigi's Pizza

Luigi’s Pizza understands that some people just can’t have gluten in their system – which is why they’ve introduced the art of gluten-free pizza. This local favorite offers a special gluten-free menu, packed full of alternative toppings, ready for your consumption.

Sushi Den

Going on a plant-based diet doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t have sushi. Sushi Den made sure of that, by rolling out a veggie platter whose main stars are cucumbers and avocados. Unleash that inner-millennial and indulge in their avocado rolls like it’s nobody’s business.


Have you heard about the lord and savior tofu? This soy-based powerhouse of an ingredient can be enjoyed to its fullest, served fried in Roe’s vegan ramen bowl. You can also enjoy vegan sushi and vegan water while you’re there.

Tandoori Oven

It should be no surprise that an Indian restaurant made it to this list, given how common vegetarianism in India is. Vegans can rejoice, for Tandoori Oven also has vegan kebab on the menu. Not that we know what’s in there, but ask the experts. The spices and colorful presentation of the food will win you over.


Vegans, vegetarians, and followers of gluten-free diets can all find something to enjoy at Fishface. If you didn’t come for their signature sushi burritos, you can always opt to try out their poke bowls. The veggie poke and sushito both pack a punch, while their pescatarian friendly rolls can be spicy for those of you who like a little extra kick.

Bia Bakes

There are very few spots where you can enjoy guilt free desserts in Amman, and Bia Bakes capitalizes on that by delivering delicious sweets to your door. All your cravings end here: cookies, banoffee pies, almond donuts, it’s all here, and it’s very health-conscious.

Vegan Cheese at Atrameez

Dairy products are one of life’s simplest pleasures, but giving them up doesn’t necessarily spell bad news to cheese lovers. Atrameez specializes in preparing homemade vegan alternatives to cheese, yogurt, and even labaneh. People swear by their soy-based halloumi, which, for the record, you can grill like the real thing. They also make cookies for those wishing to treat their tastebuds.

We Farm

In the old neighborhoods of Weibdeh, you’ll find We Farm – a small spot prepped for all your organic needs. Try their almond mylk smoothies, or ice cream. Both are made with fresh organic fruits straight out of their farm.

Vegan Trii

Vegan Trii is a newcomer in the growing scene of alternative diets in Amman, seemingly with a lot to offer. Whether it’s soy shawerma, or seitan burgers, they’re covering all bases. They even have a faux 8-layer Napoleon honey cake that is suitable for vegan consumption.


Eucalyptus set out to Amman with one goal in mind: providing for all gluten free humans of Amman. All of their products are lactose-free, and cater to people who are looking for gluten-free goodies or keto-friendly products. Try their keto toast bread, or delicious shishbarak that you can make at home.


When it comes to leading a gluten-free lifestyle, cross-contamination is a valid fear. Hamada guarantees a GF and vegan menu available any time of day. Here, you can grab a gluten-free sandwich, or dip their scrumptious falafel in their hummus or foul.

People of Amman frequent Seed to sate their for their healthy obsession with kale and organic smoothies, with the added benefit of having sugar-free delights. Try their combination smoothies, which can be gluten free and vegan.

Hala's Treats

Don’t think that you’re getting left out by one by Amman’s best confectionaries just because to your dietary restrictions. At Hala’s Treats, you get a sweet deal with both both gluten and cruelty free desserts on offer. Give them a call if you’re looking for something more specific.

Beat tha Wheat

Beat the Wheat is Amman’s premier GF bakery in Amman, specializing exclusively in baking goods without nasty gluten. Some of their usual bakes include atayef and maamoul during the holidays, and cakes upon request.

Four Winters

Being lactose intolerant in Amman is tough, especially when you know how few your options for ice cream are. Fret not, for Four Winters has several cruelty free ice creams you can choose from.


Veer is one of the first restaurants in Amman to have launched with an exclusive keto menu. Here, you’ll find a carefully curated set of dishes that you can eat without worrying about getting kicked out of ketosis. Here’s hoping they create keto cocktails to go with it!


Urbanspoon is most popular for its daily keto lunch packages, which you could either subscribe to, or order and have it delivered to you. Being on keto doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy pizza or desserts with Urbanspoon around!

Salt Steakhouse

Yes, keto can transcend into fine dining territory at Salt, the restaurant, not the city. This Fairmont outlet is where you can enjoy a devilishly delicious keto meal in style.

Remember to eat healthy Tipsters!

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