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The Weekender – ๐Ÿœ Top 10 Wadi Rum Camps

Explore Wadi Rum, Jordan, known as ‘The Valley of the Moon’, renowned for its majestic mountains, crimson sands, captivating sunsets, and starry nights. Whether seeking adventure or serenity amidst desert splendor, this destination beckons to all travelers.

Boasting charm and beauty, this campโ€™s Martian Domes take you millions of miles away from Earth. They offer everything! From daring experiences in the desert, to relaxing sunrise and sunset yoga sessions that connect you with the universe!

This Wadi Rum Bubble is the perfect place for an ultimate โ€œglampingโ€ experience. This camp prides itself in the starlit skies it lies under. Relax and admire the spectacular view, and enjoy all the amenities of a hotel room, in a bubble that has a private terrace where you can stargaze at night!

Tucked deep into the red valley, these Wadi Rum camp bubbles resemble a Mars colony more than a campsite. This campsite has transparent roofs that allow you to watch thousands of stars at night right from your bed.  

Located deep inside the desert, this Wadi Rum camp offers accommodation, a restaurant, a seasonal outdoor swimming pool, a shared lounge with an on-site pool table, barbecue facilities and a terrace. Need we say more? 

Feel the natural beauty and stillness of the desert in a beautiful secluded location. After an exciting day of desert adventure, sample a traditional way of life. Sit around the fire under a canopy of stars, and sleep in tents or in the open outdoors.

To elevate your Wadi Rum hotel experience, choose Bait Ali. This desert site seamlessly blends with its surroundings and offers modern amenities like an on-site swimming pool for a luxurious stay.

This eco-friendly camp offers an authentic Bedouin experience. It provides easy access to major archaeological sites and fun-packed itineraries that include buggy rides, Jeep safaris, and camel rides. You can also relax by the campfire and enjoy a sweet cup of tea while your traditional meal is being cooked under the sand!

This swanky stay comes complete with your own private hot tub and your own patio with a hammock! Bubble Luxotel offers a unique experience for those who would like to spend the night under the stars. They offer stargazing activities and provide interested guests with portable telescopes. 

Nestled amidst the crimson dunes of Wadi Rum, this inviting camp boasts both private and shared Bedouin-style tents, offering a cozy retreat for desert explorers. With its prime location, guests can easily embark on Jeep rides and camel trips to iconic landmarks like the Seven Pillars of Wisdom and other archaeological sites, making it a must-visit destination in the Jordanian desert.

This spectacular desert resort is a popular destination for those who love exploring nature. Itโ€™s central location allows you to explore touristy sites and climbing zones. Moreover, the camp is sheltered by a large mountain to protect it from wind, giving it stunning morning sunshine.

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