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The Weekender – ⚽ Places to Watch Euro 2024

It’s weird enough we’re watching a major football tournament on an odd-numbered year, but it might be weirder that the tournament is still called Euro 2020. Regardless, ever since last year’s huge disappointment over the postponement of Euro 2020, we are more than ready to watch the best teams compete on the big screen once again! That is precisely why we’ve put together a list of the top spots around town you can catch Euro 2024 in all its glory! So, call the crew, put on your favorite jersey, and head to one of the spots on the list below!

Tip:  The quintessential venue for taking in the beautiful game. Enjoy their Blueberry Bourbon Sour drink or their nachos, both will leave you feeling like a champ in your own right.

Tip: Tackle their Cheese Platter while your favorite team tackles the ball!

Tip: Have a wing eating contest with your buddies, the loser pays?

Tip: If you’re looking for a chiller vibe away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this Fuheis getaway offers some killer pizzas, try the Bellariva Pizza for maximum satisfaction.

Tip:  Order their special Spinach dip while watching, it’s the perfect pairing with a pint for some footie!

Tip: Have you tried their Spinach and Artichoke dip? calorie count doesn’t matter at Chestnut, it’s just Nacho business anymore!

Tip: Wanna munch on something during the game? La Calle’s got you, just grab one of their famous sliders in one hand and leave the other hand empty for your beer!

Tip: Wash down your complimentary popcorn with their Stella Artois draft beer. Yes, draft.

Tip: Order the Social Party Box that includes burgers, chicken tenders, hot dogs, and much more; dig in with your pals.

Tip: They’re only showing the game upstairs but at least their buy 1 get 2 free special on the beers will make you feel like you’re in the stadium.

Tip: Grab their signature buffalo tenders with a side of beer to wash it all down!

Tip: If you’re into lighter bites while still watching the game, enjoy a healthy meal at Media Cafe, their salad is to die for!

Tip: Grab their 5 Almaza + Wings (or Nachos) offer for 25 JD.

Tip: Hot dogs and fries while enjoying a match? Yes, please!

Tip: Footie and beer is all we need to hear, with Somewhere Else, you get four Petra beers & two tequila shots with a side of two burgers for 30 JD.

Tip: More into 90’s rock but still want to catch the highlights? These guys don’t usually let the music stop when the games drop!

Tip: As they say at Rovers, happiness is whiskey!  A close second are their amazing veal, chicken, and beef “fukharat”, they simply hit the spot.

Tip: If you’re itching for a good ol’ Irish Pub with actual beer towers and a delightful seafood platter, you’re in luck!

Tip: Looking for a large fan zone sorta feel for your Euro fever? This garden-esque tented area will definitely supply the vibes.

Tip: Before it was Fellows, it was Sage, before it was Sage, it was Lo-Key – no matter what the name, it’s always been a classic venue to watch major football tournaments.

Tip:  Happiness is Chicken Quesadillas in one hand and cheering in the other!

May the beautiful game live on and your cheering be loud enough to be heard in Europe this Summer! Ole, Ole, Ole!

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team