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The Weekender – A Guide To Corona-Free Entertainment

With cases spiking in the country, Tipsters need to get creative on their quest for a dose of fun. While you’re busy protecting yourself from exposure to the “rona”, leave the logistics of fun on us. A weekend at home can be thrilling, picnics can be fulfilling, and walks can be refreshing!

This is the time to work on your bartending skills. Fyxx is bringing the bar to you, with wholesale prices for popular names including, Hendrick’s Gin, Chivas, or Patron – we recommend Silver tequila with a lot of lemon for your currently much-needed Vitamin C. 

How about playing chef for the night? Its time to turn your home into a 5-star eatery. Shop online and Cozmo will bring what you need to your doorstep, you’ll even get 10% off if you order on a Tuesday.

Ok now that you’ve established a fine-dining institution at your home, you know what rhymes with dine? You guessed it, wine. Get Spiritz will deliver a wine of your choice right to your doorsteps with 10% off if you order on a Monday. You can even have your sibling play sommelier for the night. 

To make things even juicier, you might wanna light up a few candles from Qamar Wa Shams and maybe blast classical music in the background.

If you’re not one to cook, we won’t judge you. Spare the ribs, throw a game night, and order take-out. If you still haven’t tried Ned’s, what are you waiting for? Dial-up their number and order some finger-licking good pizzas, their Sicilian pepperoni pizza is a must-try – but please keep the finger-licking off the menu for now.

After you’ve had your dose of carbs, decide on a game to play and Boardgames Genie will bring it straight to your doorstep. With choices as vast as your imagination can wander, you’re spoilt for variety with games ranging from Abstract games to Wargames.     

Become one with nature at King Talal Dam, a 50-minute drive away from town awaits the ideal destination for a socially distanced picnic with friends. There are several trees you can pick from to cast just the right amount of shade, while you take in the scenery and a cold one on your day away from the city.

As for food, T-bone & cheese has what you need for a delicious barbecue, their burger kit that includes patties, buns, cheese, veggies, and sauce, does not only come in handy but is incredibly satisfying too.  

If you’re looking for a shorter picnic, themed as a travel destination, hit up the Japanese Garden.

Before you head there make sure to drop by Sushi Studio to pick up one of their delightful boxes, ugh…if only it were cherry blossom season.

While we’re sure some of you are feeling a bit skeptical about going to the gym, we’re sure you wanna stay active. Head to Dabouq for a morning run around King Hussein Park.

Follow it up with a Positive Energy Juice from Seed to bring out your inner beast.

Once you feel your tummy rumbling once more, reward yourself with a bagel from Bagel O’s next door – we recommend the Poppy Bagel stuffed with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese.

If you’re looking for a run closer to the heart of the city, you can always go to Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts Park in Jabal Lweibdeh.

There are plenty of coffee shops to grab a drink after your run, if you’re craving iced tea, Jungle Fever serves up the most refreshing of choices on that front.

and if you’re planning to stay a little longer, head over to Manara Art & Culture for a fresh freekeh Salad take-out. 

Stay Safe and Keep your Hands Sanitized, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team