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The Weekender – 5 Steaks to Seduce Your Senses

There’s just something about sinking your teeth into a tender piece of high quality beef. Whatever the cut, you can never go wrong with a juicy steak cooked to perfection. And if perfection is what you seek, our list of the five best places to enjoy some of the finest steaks in town promises to satisfy, quite possibly even seduce those carnivorous taste buds of yours. What are you waiting for? Let’s get to the meat!

Living Room

Perched right above Romero, Living Room has a few tricks up their sleeve when it comes to the world of steaks and their respective sauces. Living Room has always been known for their sushi and ribs but lately their unique cuts of quality beef have stepped into the culinary spotlight. The steak has been described as insane in a good way, add to that the vast array of cuts to choose from and you’re sure to keep coming back for a new taste from their succulent selection each and every time. Word around town is they’re one of the few places that actually do the Bernaise Sauce justice. Plus, the great service and funky atmosphere are a welcome change from some of the more uptight eateries.

Library Lounge & Cigar Bar 

Library Lounge & Cigar Bar is the ultimate gentleman’s lounge in Amman. Upscale, slick, elegantly smooth-it’s the go-to place for a boys night out or dinner with your father-in-law. Bring your choice cigar, call up the men, and rent out a humidor for your epic post-meal smoke. But take it slow because the food is fantastic, and you’ll want to savor every bite. If you keep up with the lounge, you may even be lucky enough to try their specials. Rare cuts of meat are brought in and faultlessly cooked, leaving you eating slowly and devouring the food to the last bite. It’s the ultimate union of food, taste, company, ambience and experience.


L’Entrecôte offers a wonderfully filling option with their set menu if you’re in the mood for a delicious meal based around, you guessed it, entrecôte! This set menu is probably the most affordable of the options available on our list and includes a house salad, apple crumble for dessert, a soft drink and of course, the main attraction; the ribeye. Their 220 gm, American Angus Beef delight comes with a special Cafe de Paris sauce that is a concoction of wonderful herbs.


Metro is a cozy, comfortable restaurant with a refined ambience and warm vibes. Their menu is seriously one of those you want to work your way through. But today, we’re focusing on steaks. The filet mignon is cooked to perfection, and comes with a healthy side of veggies and your choice of potato. Our recommendation is to order it medium, to get that oh-so-perfect balance of cooked and juiciness. Also, don’t forget to order the mushroom and peppercorn sauces that are ah-mazing.

La Capitale 

Dining at La Capitale at the Four Seasons Hotel is an experience. This french restaurant’s open kitchen layouts, fresh ingredients and innovative menu boasts one of the best steaks in this capital city. Their Steak Frites is a sumptuously succulent flat iron steak. Juicy, soft, perfectly cooked and paired beautifully with crispy potato and shallot sauce. In the words of Chef de Cusine at La capitale, Arthur Vonderheyden, “French cuisine is a delicate combination of art and science.” Do I really need to say more? C’est delicieux!

Where’s the best steak you’ve had in Amman, Tipsters?

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team