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The Weekender – 20 Breakfast Spots

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (go ahead, ask your doctor!). There’s no excuse to skip it when there are so many delicious Breakfast options in Amman. We’ve compiled some of the best b-fast spots to check out. Bonus: you can still partake in weekend brunches since there’s no lockdown on Saturdays 🙂

For all of our lady lemurs, Mamma Mia is perfect for a ladies-only breakfast. Their croissants definitely warrant a resounding “Mamma Mia!”

Your search for avocado toast in Amman is over! Blue Fig serves this brunch classic along with other delicious, basic b*tch brunch favorites. Looking to try something different? Order the ricotta and Himalayas Honey manquosheh.

If you haven’t been to Hashem Restaurant Downtown, can you say you even visited or lived in Jordan?! Known by Jordanians as the best Falafel in the country, Hashem Restaurant Downtown is your proper Jordanian breakfast experience. There’s a reason you find it in all of the guidebooks as a must-try in Amman.

This unsuspecting restaurant, located on a small side street in Abdoun, serves up some serious eats. Al Osra makes all your favorite Arabic breakfast dishes and is perfect for those hangover cravings. 

Gaia Brunch to Aperitivo offers, literally, all of your dining needs from daily brunch too, well, you guessed it, aperitivos. This hot new brunch spot just opened its doors in August and covers all of your brunch needs: cocktails, Instagram-worthy food, and chic decor.

Another classic Arabic food spot, but this time in Jabal Al-Weibdeh! You’ve probably walked past it a million times, but once you’ve had their mfarakeh sandwich (egg and potato), you’ll be sad you’ve missed out for this long. 

Located near Dakhiliyah Circle, Boho Haus’ decor is as fun as their food. You won’t experience any food envy since everything is delicious. Try their pancakes (um, can you say cinnamon pumpkin!?) or their classic English breakfast. (P.S. ask for their fizzy lemonade, it’s worth it)

Saturdays are for pancakes! Well, at least that’s the motto at Chapter 9. We are drooling over their fluffy fig, yogurt, and honey pancakes. Pancakes, not your thing? We recommend their granola smoothie bowl with pomegranate.

No matter if you grew up in Jordan or have lived here for two months, the classic Arabic breakfast will never get old. 7attouteh is another delicious restaurant that offers your favorite Arabic classics. Our recommendations? The liver with pomegranate syrup or any of their Fukhara (clay bowls). 

Yes, we know that you already know about Rumi, but there’s a good reason for that. This classic Jabal Al-Weibdeh hangout spot is the perfect, instagrammable spot for people-watching and enjoying a latte with friends. If you’re hungry, try their muesli served with fresh fruit and yogurt. 

The coffee at Majnoon Qahwa is crazy good (lol, sorry we had to). For you early birds, try their maqnaeesh, available daily from 7 am to 12:30 pm. (P.S. if you’re having breakfast at Al Usra, walk over to Majnoon Qahwa for a coffee afterwards).

Calling all book-lovers! Spend your afternoon perusing the hundreds of books at Kawon. This cozy bookstore and cafe is the perfect place to unwind with a good read and coffee (or tea!). 

It’s hard to find among all of the argeelah cafes and restaurants in Rabieh, but Bargo’s is a little oasis among the chaos. Relax on their outdoor patio while sipping on their special macadamia coffee. 

Bagel-lovers unite! There’s really nothing better than a bagel sandwich, especially after a long night of drinking. Indulge in Bagel O’s delectable Smoked Salmon Bagel Sandwich, or, if you’re looking to try something new, order their Halloumi Pesto Bagel Sandwich. #Bagels4lyfe

If you’re looking for the best bakery in Amman, look no further than Foron Rex. Their ciabatta is outta this world. Feeling like something sweet? Their Pain au Chocolat (aka chocolate croissants) are insanely delicious, but be aware, if you’re not careful, you’ll find yourself eating five in one sitting. 

Calling all Sex and the City fans! The infamous Magnolia Bakery is serving up all of your favorite pastries, right here in Amman. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw while indulging in their famous banana pudding.

Arguably, some of the best manaqeesh in Amman, Tash Bakery does the classic Arabic breakfast pastry right. Try their muhammara manaqeesh, you won’t be sorry. 

Missing the incredible food of Lebanon? B Lebanese Bakery serves authentic Lebanese pastries right here in Amman (no joke, their Keshk tastes like it came straight out of Lebanon to your plate). If you’re looking for a sweet treat, try their Knafeh-in-a-bun..

The best of both breakfast worlds, Crumz Bistro and Bakery in Abdoun serves your favorite breakfast classics along with bakery staples. Treat yo’ self to their Nutella pancakes!

Located on a quiet side street in Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Mia Cara serves up fresh homemade baked goods daily. Try their cheesecake (yes, we know it’s not a ‘breakfast food’ but it’s 2020 folks, anything goes), your tastebuds will be forever grateful.

Start the day with a proper breakfast, Tipster!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team