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The Weekender – 💘 Valentine’s Day Ideas

Where can I go during Valentine’s Day? You asked, and here’s the answer: The best Valentine’s Day gift is time spent together, so don’t stress about the perfect present, for we present you with a list of the top 10 places that are guaranteed to impress (and undress) your paramour. To the Single Pringles out there, we have a bonus list for you at the end. You deserve some love too! 

For a One of a Kind Italian Experience

Set Menu for Two: 65-70 JDs

Unique, cozy and positively brimming with personality: The Jasmine House Art & Food Italian dining experience goes beyond the top notch food; their in-house Italian chef Vencio keeps it classy, presenting you with a curated hand-written menu that changes daily. He’ll carefully explain the methodology behind his craft and put on a show of pouring the wine you brought along into your glass.
Romantic, memorable and unequivocally delicious: discover one of Amman’s hidden gems.

For the Sushi Super-Fan

Set Menu for Two: 109 JDs

What’s better than a Sushi Date, you ask? A sushi date at a bamboo jungle, that’s what. Charm your date with a night at Tsuki! Let the authentic Japanese experience take you and your lover by the hand for an exploration of Japan’s most delicious dishes!

For the Lovers Who Enjoy Breakfast in Bed

Spoil your lover with a diamond studded breakfast that could rival any tennis bracelet– it’s just as dazzling, and won’t break your bank account. You’re welcome! Namliyeh is the coziest French Toast joint in town. Their fluffy confessions come with a dizzying array of fresh jams, fruits and cream, for your crème de la crème.

For a Premium Menu That Will Make You Eat Your Hearts Out

Set Menu for Two: 55 JDs

It’s true what they say: the quickest way to anyone’s heart is through their stomach, and boy, do we have a shortcut for you! La Capitale Restaurant has food that is rivaled by no other in Amman. The french interior with the drop down light fixtures create a warmth that envelopes you, with an entourage of carefully selected wines that is nothing less than the absolute perfect pairing to a meal that will change your definition of good food forever.

Tell Her You’re Loaded, Without Telling Her You’re Loaded

32° North screams HE RICH! Or politely whispers it; this is a classy joint after all. Pop the champagne and experience an ambience more likely to be found in Manhattan than any Amman restaurant. Give her (or him!) a taste of the good life they’ll get with you, at least for a night! 

Let the Stars Lay the Way to Your Bae’s Heart

You don’t need a telescope to set up a stargazing date. All you gotta do is gaze upon the beauty of thy date, right? Right. But if you wanna take it literally, you can go stargaze with a guide and a high-power digital telescope at the Bubble Luxotel Wadi Rum. And you know that they say; What happens in a bubble in Wadi Rum, stays in a bubble in Wadi Rum. 

Put Your Romance on a Simmer in a Hot Spring

Bring along a towel and a hottie for a boiling soak that will clear your skin, solve your problems and cure your depression. With a stunning view of the powerful waterfalls, the luxurious cabins, and your loosened muscles…there really isn’t a more romantic spot than Ma’in Hot Springs Resort & Spa!

For a Parisian Night

Set Menu for Two: 57 JDs

Take your chérie for a c’est magnifique dream night in an emerald city with a french twist! Allons-y to La Maison Verte for a taste of French cuisine in an elegant atmosphere furnished with golden trees and plush green sofas that you can sink into while you sink into your lover’s eyes. Put a bottle of Bordeaux on ice-ice bebe and you’re all set for a night to remember. 

For a Couple That Enjoys R&R

Surprise your lover with a mini trip to Bali…well a Bali Spa day at least. Go to the Willow Stream Spa at the Fairmont and wash away all those winter blues at their couples massage rooms. The room will be decked out in Valentine’s Day Red and Pink regalia, Red Velvet cake and rose petals; Yes. Just like in the movies!

For Some Liquid Courage

Wine is the twine of love. Your jokes will sound funnier and their teeth will look whiter under the soft twinkle-lit canopies of the High Garden Rooftop. A super romantic quaint little place, with the faint trails of music and the Amman Skyline setting the mood for a cozy and romantic night. 

For the Cat Lovers

Lonely on Valentine’s? But you can’t possibly be, not when we know a pack of feline floofs that can keep you company! Bring a friend and come along to a literal Cat Jungle. You haven’t known real love until you’ve experienced a purring loaf of chonk CHOOSING you as their designated hooman! 

For the Social Butterflies

Want to create a meet-cute moment? Fyxx in Swefieh Village has the right fyxx for you. In a beautifully designed minimalistic shop that is open, friendly, and interactive, you’ll meet like-minded people, sip on thoughtfully selected wine and maybe even find a partner for next Valentine’s!

For the Artsy-Fartsy Folks

Forge a bond in no less than resin! This Valentine’s Day, heart shaped earrings are all the rage; especially if you make them yourself! Grab a friend, and check out the Dem Cool Earrings workshop in Almond Coffee House. You get a yummy drink of your choice and leave with creations that will forever hold the memory of a time well spent with good people!

For the Friend Group Full of Singles

As the ancient wisdom goes: Chais before guys… Brothers before lovers… okay maybe it doesn’t go exactly like that. But friends really are better than lovers and there’s nothing better than a good old-fashioned game night at Locals’ (Turtle Green) to remind you that you have all you need! It’s wholesome, with some Turtle Green tea, and a stack of games to dive into. 

For the Adventurers

Get that good good D, Vitamin D, baby! Everyone and their mother is Vitamin D deficient in this country. It is ironic yes, but D deficiency can actually contribute to things like depression! So instead of staying in and ruminating on it, get it out of your system with Scrambling’s Almond Trail hike! Get some fresh air, connect with nature and get in some type-D cardio! 

Happy Valentines Day, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team