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The Verdict – A Workaholic’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done

Oh we get it, you need to get your work done and NOW. You don’t have the time to decide on which place will cater to your beast-mode, workaholic requirements. Who does? That’s why The Tip n’ Tag Team is here to sift through the places, go scouring for power outlets, taste all that coffee and run all those speed tests to make sure you get the most out of your planned productivity without breaking a sweat. Truth be told, working hard doesn’t mean being cooped up in the office or alone at home, sometimes the best inspiration for work is being in a space that brings out the best of you. Here’s our verdict, and we’d like to hear yours.

Which place in Amman has it all when it comes to helping you achieve your tasks?

Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is usually known as the spot for socializing or meeting up on sunny Friday mornings. However, if you got an upcoming project and need a place to brainstorm and discuss ideas, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf is a good choice. We recommend you bring along your books or notes because their wifi speed isn’t gonna take you anywhere fast, but their coffee makes up for it.

Got a dog you don’t want to leave at home?  Take your work to Barista. The place has a mellow feel to it, even though it can get pretty noisy. Their WiFi is fast, the coffee is delicious, and the undeniably adorable pups hanging in the place are a perfect excuse for taking a break. In addition to being pet friendly, Barista allows you to bring in or order food to their place, making it a sweet spot to work at.

 In need of a getaway but have loads of work to do? We’ve got just the place for you. Caffè Strada has a real urban feel to it. With their excellent WiFi, abundant power outlets, and undeniably delicious caffeine in all shapes and sizes, this Euro-inspired cafe is the perfect spot for holding a meeting or prepping for a test.

 Spacious, with big windows and a well thought out interior, Majnoon Qahwa, is known for it’s rich coffee.  The advantage of this coffee crazed cafe is that it’s pretty quiet during the daytime, so you’ll most likely be able to get your work done. On the other hand, you get a limit of 600 MB of bandwidth, which may not be suitable for you photographers, videographers and folk.

Wild Jordan Center is known mainly for its breathtaking views and organic food, but did you know that this is also a good venue to get things done? If you’re holding your breath on the WiFi, don’t, because it’ll slowly kill you. In spite of that though, the drinks are delightful and the outlets are plenty, making it a great place to plan your next meeting.

 Located on top of the National Art Gallery, Jungle Fever Coffee and Tea House has a unique atmosphere. The peace and quiet inside is enough to keep you focused while you sip on your coffee and type away. There aren’t that many outlets so you might have to take turns charging your phone or laptop. If you want to get those creative juices flowing though what better place to do that than among books, trinkets and art?


If coffee is what makes you get productive, Dimitri’s has got your fix for both. What better way to get your work done while taking in the glorious smell of freshly brewed coffee? Dimitri’s Coffee, is not your regular run of the mill coffee place. Even though space is tight and it can get a little noisy in the later hours, the internet connection is fast and the power outlets are aplenty, making it a sound place to finish up the inner workings of your mind.


The Study Lounge is a go-to spot for students. They offer a variety of “rooms” for different prices to fit every student’s needs and preferences including a quiet smoking area, closed rooms for private study sessions, single stations, silent area, smoking area, quiet area, and non-smoking area. They have great WiFi, plenty of electrical sockets, and noise levels are acceptable, but the wonderful thing is that if it gets too loud you can easily move to any other area. Sadly though, their coffee is instant and that is a major blow to their workaholic rated GPA.

If you’re looking for a place to work and don’t mind being judged by Weibdeh’s hipsters while you’re sipping on some of the best tea on offer, look no further than Rumi Cafe. Their vast selection of teas, well-lit interior, good vibes and abundance of power outlets make it a great choice if you’re in no rush to get work done. If you’re looking for high speed wifi to get you across the finish line though, look elsewhere.

Books@Cafe (off Rainbow St.) with its retro floral walls and well lit space, is a great spot for getting your work done. They serve delicious food and good drinks so you can enjoy having breakfast before switching on your laptop. The WiFi is good but expect it to get noisy around lunchtime.

Did you know you can have an office away from the office? V Business Center, provides different facilities and services for companies and professionals including meeting rooms, virtual offices, customized work spaces, conference rooms, training, seminars, and group discussions. Their WiFi is great especially when it’s not too packed, but it can get a bit noisy, and their coffee is served up from a cafeteria – so don’t go expecting home brewed caffeine concoctions.

If a Frappe is all you need to focus, no one does Frappuccinos like Starbucks. Even though it’s pretty crowded and noisy most of the time, this spot has a highlight that other places don’t have. Starbucks Abdoun is open 24/7, which means when you’re on a deadline and on a roll, you can work at Starbucks till the early morning hours or even after. As for their WiFi, is slightly faster during the daytime hours than at night depending on how packed it is.

With its comfortable seats, friendly vibe, power and USB outlets galore, this warmly lit place is a great spot when you need to get things done alone without distractions. Their drinks are exquisite, it doesn’t get unbearably noisy, but the WiFi does disconnect fairly often, so bring along a hot spot connection so your work doesn’t get interrupted.

Why not do some good while working and sipping on your coffee? For every cup of coffee you buy, Seven Pennies donates 7 pennies for every 1 JD spent on a drink. Their coffee is alright, it’s not noisy, and the WiFi can be a little slow at times, however Seven Pennies has an open atmosphere and modern decor making it perfect for tossing ideas up within a group session.

Turtle Green Tea Bar has a unique atmosphere, it’s an eclectic blend of work, art, and tea culture. They have fast WiFi and outstanding tea blends but can get a tad bit distracting on the noise front at times. It’s the kind of spot you hit up when you need to accomplish things on your own without totally feeling all alone.


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Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team