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The Quarantine Guide – Your Quarantine Delivery Options

Are you looking for delivery services in Amman that cover your quarantine needs? The Tip n’ Tag Team has set out to help all those looking for groceries, alcohol, and pharmacy deliveries in the city. Click on your area in the map below to find stores around you, or scroll straight to the list of online markets, pharmacies, and water delivery services.

Quarantine Map

Other delivery services in Amman

Abdali & Weibdeh

Babel Supermarket

Babel is one such place you might’ve gotten your share of alcohol from before the crisis. Nowadays, you’ll be pleased to know they deliver groceries all around Weibdeh.

Delivery Price: Free | Inside Weibdeh
2 JD | Outside of Weibdeh

stop & Shop

Stop & Shop is a shining beacon of normalcy in the heart of Weibdeh. If you’re not personally walking there, give them a call to place your order.

Delivery Price: Free | Only in Weibdeh

Jabal Amman

Awni Supermarket

If you’d rather not walk half-way through Rainbow St., Awni Supermarket is more than willing to deliver – provided you live in the area.

Delivery Price: Free


Abu Amir Lutfi Grocery

Abu Amir Lutfi
meets your basic shopping needs, each and every time. The place also delivers around Jabal Hussein, Abdali, and Weibdeh for free.

Delivery Price: 2 JD | Outside of covered areas

Boutique Bakery

No quarantine is complete without a good applestrudel, and that’s why Boutique Bakery’s Safeway branch is ready to supply you with all sorts of delicious Austrian baked goods – savory and sweet.

Al Koukh

Does having alcohol delivered to your house cover your quarantine needs? Give Al Koukh a call and thank us later.


Mera Supermarket

This friendly neighborhood supermarket usually delivers in the morning. If your order is worth over 25 JDs, you’re good to go!

Delivery Price: 2 JD with a 25 JD minimum order

 ECO Market

If you’re looking for organic produce, or more eco-friendly products to purchase, give ECO market a ring!

Delivery Price: 2 JD


Sure, regular pita bread is fine, but if you’re looking to take it to the next level, look no further than Crumz. Try saying quarantine five times with a mouthful of croissants.


Century Supermarket

Khalda’s very own Century Supermarket delivers straight to your door.

Delivery Price: Free | For orders under 15 JD


In this day and age a walk in the park is a luxury that is substituted with walks in malls. If you’re not going to walk all the way to Miles, send them a text. They takes orders via WhatsApp. Get typing!

WhatsApp Number: +962787774426

7th Circle Amman


All of Cozmo’s branches is up and running. Here, you can get your dose of non-dairy milk, and other essential groceries such as bread and the likes for sustenance.

Delivery Price: Available through their application


Safeways branches now take walk-ins, and delivery orders. You can order through Talabat.

Delivery Price: 1 JD

 Beat tha Wheat

Leading a gluten-free lifestyle does not mean you have to starve to death in social isolation. All you need to do is give Beat tha Wheat a ring and get a metric ton of bread and pastries to last you weeks.

Tamby Supermarket

Tamby supermarket is a Bayader based store known for providing the area with delicious Circassian cheese deliveries. Give them a call.

Delivery Price: 2 JD

Smart Pet

Even fur babies are getting love this pandemic. Give Smart Pet a call and let them know what supplies you need for your pets and they can deliver.

6th Circle


Walk to any of C-Town’s branches around Amman, or have what you need deliver. They’ve laid out several numbers you could text on WhatsApp based on your area for deliveries. Find them below!

Whatsapp Numbers: 7th Circle | +9627981804
Telaa’ Ali| +962790637482
Abdali | +962795158297
Jabal Hussein | +962796572138

5th Circle


Abella’s Wadi Saqra branch is open for business before curfew, and they also deliver the goods. If your order is over 30 JD, you’re in luck – delivery is free!


Fans of grocery bulk-buying should find the nearest Sameh Mall branch to them. You can have it delivered to your home either by shopping on their website, their app, or through Talabat.

Um AlSummaq Amman

Prime Fresh Food

Prime Fresh Food is open for all pedestrians in Um Uthaina, while their Khalda branch is taking all their delivery orders.

Delivery Price: Ranges between 2JD and 6 JD, depending on the area.


You can walk to any of Carrefour’s branches and get what you need, or you could fill out this delivery form they’ve laid out to make your life easier.

Al fursan Chocolate

Stocking up on chocolate is a priority every Jordanian household should check off their essentials list. Luckily, Al Fursan Chocolate is still up and running, and they deliver.


Fouad Supermarket

Whether you choose to walk or place an order, Fouad Supermarket covers all of your basic and bacon needs. Whatsapp them your list, if you want it delivered.

Whatsapp Number: +962796714280

Online Delivery

Durra Market

Through Durra’s application, you can have dairy and meat products delivered right to your door.

Zait & Zaatar

Zait & Zaatar is slowly but surely expanding its delivery efforts to cover more of Amman. Use their app to order your quarantine needs!

Dimitri's Coffee

Can’t live without your coffee roast? You don’t have to. Whether it’s coffee filters, coffee makers or roasted coffee you need delivered, order your caffeine-desires through Dimitri’s‘ website.

Delivery Price: Free

Almond Coffee House

What’s that? Your coffee grinder broke? You ran out of coffee? A quick call to Almond will set you straight.

Delivery Price: Free


Quarantine is probably as good a time as any to spend your time gaming. If you’re looking for more games to play, or even PlayStation Store or Steam gift cards, Cenima delivers.

Delivery Price: 3 JD


GTS delivers all of your computer hardware requirements. They deliver whether you’re looking for cables, extra gadgets, or even a new laptop or computer.

Delivery Price: 5 JD

Qaser AlDeyafah

Is your beef running out? Need to satiate your carnivorous desire? Get in touch with Qaser AlDeyafah, they’ll provide you with locally sourced meat straight out of their butchery.

Whatsapp Number: +962775531456
Delivery Price: Free for orders above 30 JD


Struggling to find face masks and gloves since quarantine started in Amman? Through JorMall’s website, you can order all the hygiene products you need. It’s cash on delivery!


Kareem Hypermarket’s website is bustling with all sorts of options for you to choose from. Meat and poultry? Check. Toothpaste? You betcha. Either drop by their website or give them a call to place your order.

Family Basket

Looking for that one special item on your grocery list? Use your strong thumbs and texting skills to order your groceries delivered straight to your door by Whatsapping Family Basket.

Whatsapp Number: +962798371265


Kader’s #3al_mashi initiative has 5000 Kader Warriors taking orders for groceries and needs and delivering them through this form. Not only that, but they can also help with home maintenance needs upon request.


Rawhi Pharmacy

All of Rawhi Pharmacy’s branches are not only open, but they also deliver medicine you need. Give them a call and let them know your prescriptions.

Remedy's Pharmacy

Get your medicine delivered to you by sending a text of what you need to Remedy’s Pharmacy through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Number: +962795220204
Delivery Price: Free

NextDoor Pharmacy

You can count on NextDoor Pharmacy to deliver medicine to your house within curfew hours.

Delivery Price: Free

Water Delivery

Ultra Water

For all your bottled water needs, give Ultra Water a call. They deliver in bundles of your choice.

Nestle Pure Life

Is your water cooler feeling lonely because of quarantine? Nestle are delivering all of your water needs, including canisters for coolers.

For the love of everything that is holy: stay home.

Lemur love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team