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Everyone loves a good park, but let’s be real, in Amman the Garden of Eden isn’t exactly always around the corner. A good park can keep the kids busy, provide you with the space you need for a breather and allow you to take that walk far from the crowded streets and car horns. Whether you’re going for the scenery, your kids, or for a little adventure, here’s a list of gems in Amman worth checking out. Located in North …

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The Weekender - 10 Nature Infused Getaways | Amman

When the city takes its toll on our psyche, we tend to go on vacations. Having reality tie us down most times can limit us from actually traveling. The Tip n’ Tag Team knows how it goes, and we’ve come to the rescue. We’ve gathered a few places out of Amman for you to relish nature and recharge your soul, before the inevitable coming of summer. Get out your sunflower seeds and melon seeds, this place is flocking with feathery creatures! …

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