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The Weekender – 10 Nature Infused Getaways

When the city takes its toll on our psyche, we tend to go on vacations. Having reality tie us down most times can limit us from actually traveling. The Tip n’ Tag Team knows how it goes, and we’ve come to the rescue. We’ve gathered a few places out of Amman for you to relish nature and recharge your soul, before the inevitable coming of summer.

Azraq Wetland Reserve

Get out your sunflower seeds and melon seeds, this place is flocking with feathery creatures! Azraq Wetland Reserve is heaven for birds and bird-watchers alike. The wetland’s blue waters in contrast to the arid desert is what gave Azraq its name.

Mountain Breeze Resort

Whether you’re in for the activities or the stay, Mountain Breeze Resort provides you with an other-worldly experience. Haven to several endangered species, this countryside gem makes for a perfect relaxation pit outside of city lights.

Panorama Dead Sea Restaurant

There’s so much more to a seaside than the drive by. Panorama Dead Sea Restaurant offers you the luxury of feeding your senses to waves colliding. Located atop a cliff amidst the mountains, it has a breathtaking view of the sea and the land below.

Ajloun Forest Reserve

Ajloun Forest Reserve is a place of serenity in nature. It can easily replenish your soul and make you forget about your city worries. To take it all in, you can chill at the reserve’s Royal Academy Restaurant and maybe spot some cool animals while doing that.

Jala'ad Cultural Center

Be it for their mini golf course, swimming pool or art gallery, Jala’ad Cultural Center is the place for you to spend your day surrounded by the beauty of raw nature. You can also kick back at their restaurant, overlooking the forests of Jala’ad.

Dana Biosphere Reserve

Jordan’s largest nature reserve, Dana’s got the sand dunes and the mountain tops. Whether you’re down for the camping or the lodging, Dana Biosphere Reserve allows you to experience the essence of nature and the mystery of its versatile wildlife.

Green Field

 Quite the suitable spot for a spontaneous grill and chill, Green Field is where you want to go for an afternoon fix. Being that it provides you with a barbecue station makes it all the more reason to relax. Grab your friends and head on your way already.

Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

You’re not the only wild ass in Jordan, Shaumari Wildlife Reserve has got some Asian ones called onagers. If you’re an animal lover and have been looking for a zoo that’s practically in nature, get off the couch and start road tripping. You won’t regret unplugging yourself.

Mujib Chalets

Not everything about the Dead Sea is hotels and bars. Mujib Chalets are so much more than that. They’re the epitome of the natural, sea-salt by the seaside experience. Skip the buffet and immerse yourself with an unrestricted access to nature.

Dibeen Forest Reserve

When was the last time you had an outdoor picnic? Has it really been that long? Dibeen Forest Reserve, with its hillside woodland and natural park, is made for a Friday adventure. Grab your speakers and snacks, spring won’t last forever.

It’s time for a dose of nature.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team