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The Weekender – Open Community Spaces

Fret not if you’re out and about and need a place to be, for the Tip n’ Tag Team has come to the rescue. Although there aren’t many community spaces in Amman, those that exist have a lot to offer. From movie screenings to open libraries, discussions, and meditation workshops, there’s plenty for you to take part in. Put on your fanny packs, grab your Birkenstocks and experience these community spaces in town, Tipsters!

MMAG Foundation

The MMAG foundation is a fledgeling organization nestled in Jabal Amman, overlooking the Citadel and downtown. It has an in-house art gallery, and often hosts workshops and residencies. It’s also home to Amman’s smallest public library: the Lesser Amman Library. The library itself is the only dedicated design library in Amman, with a wealth of content and an active community.

Shams Community

Shams is a community that is found upon the idea that every person has the potential to create change. Through dialogue, they bring together people of various backgrounds, in both Arabic and English, to discuss different topics every week. The cherry on top is that they usually do it over dinner.


Thought just outside of Amman, Kawon is a cultural hub that just so happens to have a bookshop and a kitchen in it. It lies in one of the oldest buildings in Madaba across the ancient city’s downtown area. Inside this gem, you’ll find stacks of books that you can buy or read at your leisure. It often hosts book clubs and open-mic events with good coffee and delicious food.

Community Spaces @ Royal Film Commission

The Royal Film Commission is the heart of movie production in Jordan, be it local or foreign. The Commission’s main role is to facilitate the production of films in the Kingdom, but it’s also home to a vast movie library that you can subscribe to, not to mention open-air film screenings with the oldest part of Amman as its backdrop. When you’re not watching a movie at their private viewing stations, you can enjoy a good cup of coffee with a great view of Amman at their in-house Montage Cafe.

Fact: the Royal Film Commission is the reason you’re going to get to see the next Star Wars movie.

Shoman Foundation

The Shoman Foundation is one of Jordan’s largest non-profit organization, and it’s home to the Shoman Public Library, Amman’s biggest library. When you’re not browsing their selection of books, or sipping coffee at the Rumi branch there, you could keep an eye out for their many workshops and events. Shoman holds free film screenings and discussions every Tuesday, as well as book signings, workshops, and musical evenings.

Tip: get a life-time subscription to the Library and get access to all of its facilities for a one-time fee of 10 JD.

House of Dreaming

House of Dreaming is many things: a community space, a place where you can appreciate art, and even an airbnb. It’s a great spot to meet like-minded people in-between yoga sessions, musical interludes, and their many energy workshops. Take part in their open mic nights, or just kick back and enjoy what the art scene has to offer. House of Dreaming also offers pay what you can yoga classes every Sunday, allowing yogis of all levels to breathe and meditate without worrying about their finances.


Halfway on the Kalha Staircase, you can find Jadal for Knowledge and Culture. This spot is unique in its anti-cafe policy, where you spend money on the time you spend there, rather than on what you buy. When they’re not hosting seminars and talks, they’re setting up workshops where you can learn a variety of different skills.

Darat Al Funun

Located just a short climb atop the Kalha Staircase is Darat Al Funun. In the courtyard, you can find remains of an ancient Byzantine church, where the gallery often hosts events. When you’re not exploring the actual institute, you can catch art shows, exhibitions, discussions, and workshops. Darat Al Funun also has an open resources library full of books, films, and art you can browse.

Deewan Institute

Deewan is an institute that caters towards offering language courses to those looking to either learn Arabic or English. Though that may be the case, they often host language exchange nights where you can meet prospective language partners. They also offer spaces for startups and individuals looking to get work done for a nominal fee.

 Get exploring Tipsters!

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