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The Weekender – Your Guide to Brunch-Mania

Cool kids have brunch, they don’t have breakfast. If you’re sitting at the cool table, we at Tip n’ Tag gathered this list of offers for brunch in Amman for you. Round up your squad and down all the mimosas in town!

blue fig - Brunch

Why Go: Blue Fig is a tribute to all cultures of the world. There’s so much to offer that one can never run out of ideas when brunching there with friends. Their menu is delightfully diverse but their consistency to serve great food never fails to impress!

What to Try for Brunch: Fish & Chips!

nur fairmont - Brunch

Why Go: At Nur in Fairmont, Fridays transform into a culinary extravaganza where you’re invited to indulge in 25 exquisite delicacies curated by celebrity chef Joe Barza. This isn’t your average brunch—it’s a Lazy Friday affair, complete with an endless array of premium beverages to complement your meal. As you savor the flavors of Lebanon, lose yourself in the enchanting melodies of our live Lebanese band. It’s a feast for the senses that promises to elevate your weekend to new heights.

What to Try for Brunch: All types of Fattehs and Mashawi Mshakal.


Why Go: Anada offers a brunch menu that’s sure to please, featuring a variety of delicious appetizers, fresh salads, and hearty main courses. Whether you’re craving something light or a full-on feast, they’ve got it covered. Plus, with a happy hour from 12 to 7 PM, you can enjoy your brunch with a refreshing cocktail or two. If you’re looking for a spot where the food is the star, Anada is the place to be. It’s a delicious way to start your day.

What to Try for Brunch: Cheese & Cold Cuts Platter.


Why Go: At Brix, Saturday brunch is a vibe all its own. This spot knows how to get the weekend started with a live grill serving up juicy burgers, hotdogs, and steak sandwiches. It’s the kind of place where you can eat, drink, and be merry—and then stick around for their daily happy hour, with 35% off from 2 to 7 pm. If that’s not enough, the sunset session kicks off in the evening, setting the mood with killer tunes and a laid-back crowd.

What to Try for Brunch: The Beef & Steak BBQ Sandwiches.

gaia - Brunch

Why Go: Gaia is where brunch meets party, with a sunlit terrace and a laid-back vibe that eases you into the weekend. The menu is bursting with summer flavors, perfect for a relaxed dining experience that turns into afternoon lounging. When evening hits, Gaia shifts into high gear with cocktails and a lively crowd. Their Brunch to Aperitivo setup has you covered from lazy mornings to vibrant nights.

What to Try for Brunch: Gaia Poached Eggs.

shamsa - brunch

Why Go: Looking for a brunch spot that’s perfect for the whole family? Shamsa is the place to go. This isn’t just a lounge; it’s a welcoming oasis with a trendy vibe and stunning views that make for a memorable experience. Dive into delicious Arabic dishes while enjoying the warm, laid-back atmosphere and breathtaking panoramas.

What to Try for Brunch: Smoked Eggplant.


Why Go: This place has it all—tasty dishes, inventive cocktails, and a vibe that’s effortlessly cool. The terrace is perfect for soaking up the sun while you dive into Italian classics and local favorites. From omelets to pasta, you’ll find your happy place here. And don’t forget the drinks: mimosas, anyone? So grab some friends, enjoy the food, and let the good times roll.

What to Try for Brunch: Calamari Fritti.

alibi - Brunch

Why Go: At Alibi, it is all about blending contemporary flair with Middle Eastern flavors, creating a unique and exciting dining experience. The menu offers a fresh take on classic dishes, adding inventive twists that keep things interesting. With a DJ spinning lively tunes and a drink selection that’s both fun and sophisticated, Alibi turns brunch into a party.

What to Try for Brunch: Lobster Bruschetta.


Why Go: The menu is a delightful mix of international dishes that lets you travel the world without leaving your table. Whether you’re in the mood for Asian-inspired flavors, European classics, or Middle Eastern delights, Forca has something scrumptious to offer. It’s the perfect spot to bring friends for a leisurely brunch, with an atmosphere that’s relaxed yet vibrant.

What to Try for Brunch: Chicken Quesadillas.

And remember Tipsters, two guys who are friends can also go to brunch.

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team