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The Weekender – Cozy Winter Corners

There may be sunshine peeking through every other cloudy day, but the cold weather fed by winter’s age is only making it more challenging to be cozy. Sometimes you even find yourself contemplating whether or not an outing is worth leaving the warmth of your own home for. The answer depends on the places you hit up. Winter has a specific requirement, and we at Tip n’ Tag have just what you’re looking for.


Bar on Four

With a light-dome shining over the very spirits that’ll lift your mood, Bar on Four is where work rests and dreams come out to play. The draping curtains, soft lighting, dark wood and pleasant atmosphere all come hand in hand to cozy up your evening.


Shades of yellow, blue and green are as serene as the imagery that accompanies them. Caprice, with its souvenir-like-bar and dim lighting, makes you feel as if you were in an aquarium submerged under the deepest of seas.

Maestro Restaurant & Pub

Where music comes to life and the night starts young. Maestro, although packed on nights when there’s a live performance, never fails to deliver comfort. Between its stools stand people dancing, radiating heat and energy. If that weren’t enough reason to feel at home, the on demand lattes might do it for you.

The Winemaker

You think of winter and images of red, white and rosé wine trace the edges of your mind. Glass after glass, cheese platter after the other, wooden benches and dim light. That’s what you get at the Winemaker. Its snug vino-filled Container is quite the suitable haven in this cold weather.


La Capitale

La Capitale is a restaurant with two personalities, both naturally bright and spacious. At night, it carries an atmosphere that hints at a luxurious brasserie nestled away in the corner of a metropolitan jungle adorned with warm elements and brass. In the morning, it elegantly shadows an industrial cigar lounge. At both times of day, it remains cozy and inviting.


Cuts of meat aren’t the only sizzling thing served at Salt. Its warm ambiance is fed by the sizzling fireplaces that so generously provide comfort and coze. Its wooden walls, industrial lamps and leather seats take you into a sensory trance with the pleasant aroma of the appetizing kitchen fumes.

Centro Brasserie

You would think that the beauty of the place lies within the confines of its outdoor terrace, but Centro has much more to offer than just that. With winter starting and ending at a spoonful of soup, there’s no better place to dive into that while hugged by a booth at this Italian local staple.


The Backyard

A name with an image that resonates with the very depths of your core, the Backyard is as homely as it is refreshing. Its walls stand humble and silent, paving way for its ever-quaint leaves to pleasantly dangle. If comfort were in an urban jungle and coze at the pit of a coffee mug, there’s no better place to be.

Shams El Balad

Intimate, spacious and pleasant are three words often attributed to Shams El Balad. The ever-changing, ever-expanding art hub of a cafe is a place where most feel at home. Every inch has an imprint of creativity, and every corner evokes a childhood memory of a warm, cozy day.


Where rustic meets modern, and coffee is ground the old fashioned way. Beard&Woman has a concept fueled by creativity and elements of Swedish culture. In this cozy den of leather seats and aromatic scents, you find yourself sinking with ease into a state of eternal warmth.

Don’t forget, layering is key to staying warm and cozy.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team