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The Weekender – 12 Local Products To Try Out

Have you been thinking about supporting local startups and purchasing local products to reduce your carbon footprint or give back to your community? Amman is full of creative shops and businesses that’ll satisfy your every need. From jars of honey and jam, to homemade candles and avant-garde boutiques, there’s something for everyone. Artisanal is the word this Weekender, Tipsters!

Organic Goodies @ We Farm

We Farm is a bastion of organic goods, providing fresh produce among other things to its shoppers on a regular basis. It’s a great place to grab an organic smoothie or ice-cream, which are served with their homemade almond mylk (milk). Being vegan friendly and eco-conscious, its sustainability is both inspiring and delicious.


Toffimelt was born in Jordan in a time of need; little did Jordanians know that what’s sorely missing in their lives is Knafeh toffee candy. The toffee candies have it all – they crunches, and melt like butter in your mouth. The best part is that they comes in different flavors and fillings. This is one local product you can grab at a select few stores around the country, and can ask to have delivered to your door.

Homemade Pasta @ Maysa's Pasta

As far as comfort foods go, pasta is somewhere on top of the food chain. Why settle for prepackaged goods when you can get fresh pasta made with love? Maysa’s Pasta specializes in making artisan collections of this Italian staple. Flavored pastas of all colors and shapes are daily on offer.

Homemade Cheese @ Mistaka

Cheese makes the world go round, unless you’re lactose intolerant, that is. If you’re one of the lucky few who aren’t, you get the chance to enjoy pure, unadulterated artisanal cheese prepared by Mistaka. They sell a range of aged cheeses for your acquired tastes, and if you’re into traditional goods, try out their halloumi!

Vegan Goodies @ Atrameez

Do you miss the foods you used to eat before you turned vegan? Atrameez, has set out to provide all the goods you might feel like you’re missing out on due to your diet. From Labaneh, cheeses of all kinds, and even vegan cookies, all of your non-dairy cravings can be met here. 

Homemade Peanut Butter @ Peanutbetter

Peanutbetter is one of the first bastions of homemade, all natural peanut butter. Don’t like additives in your butter? No problem, all of their goods are sugar-free and delicious. Don’t let their name fool you if the “P” in your PBJ stands for pistachio, Peanutbetter has your back on that front too. You’ll find almond butters here as well.

Natural Honey @ Jo's Honey

Fresh to the scene of jarred goodies, Jo’s Honey specializes in making and supplying the community with 100% locally sourced, natural raw honey. Different shades and kinds of this amber bee juice exist, and can be found on their website, as well as select stores which are advertised on their social media.

Homemade Jam @ Namliyeh

If you ever find yourself in a jam, you better hope it’s Namliyeh’s. Artisan jams, marmalade, teas, and raw honey are all on the table here. Their jams are 100% natural, and are brought forth into existence with local produce. Keep an eye out for workshops they often hold with various confectioneries and cafes!

Homemade Candles @ Qamar Wa Shams

There’s candles, and then there is Qamar Wa Shams. This ample business specializes in lighting up the aromatherapy scene in town with their 100% soy wax, all-natural candles. Their candles not only smell amazing, but also help keep the vibe going for meditation and affirmation sessions.

Natural Skin Care Products @ Amina's Natural Skin Care

Amina’s line of natural skin care products is the fruit of her labor and an emblem of her love for her children. She came up with her products to help her son cope with his severe eczema, but later went on to launch a line available to the public. All of Amina’s products are organic and crafted from fresh local ingredients, like olive oil, aloe vera, and Dead Sea salts.

Local Fashion Items @ Tania George Designs

Tania George Designs is a new fashion boutique that just launched in Weibdeh. From the clothing’s designs down to the boutique’s store sign, everything screams 1980’s Amman. The studio itself is lively and bubbly, with cotton candy hanging all around, and Tania’s colorful designs decking the walls. 

DIY Furniture @ Artree

Artree has a collection of customized, minimalist furniture for all your deco needs. Their rustic, wooden and steel items go well in modern urban-inspired rooms. Spruce up your living room with the smallest of items or go big with end-tables and elaborate shaded lamps.

Support your community and get your hands on local products.

Lemur Love,

The Tip n’ Tag Team