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The Weekender – Top 10 Comfort Foods For Winter

Okay folks, time to turn off those electric heaters and warm your body with some delicious winter Comfort Foods. There’s really nothing worse than the bone cold winters of Jordan, but since we’ve got at least another month of this misery, might as well make the most of it with some Comfort Foods. We’ve found the best heart-warming foods to keep you warm and toasty this winter.

The colder the weather, the heavier the food. That’s how that works right? If you’ve never tried this Canadian classic, well, to put it simply: you’re missing out. The Fries Shop serves up classic poutine topped with gravy and mozzarella cheese.

Name something better than alcohol that keeps you warm? We’ll wait. Cold winter nights out call for mulled wine that smells like cinnamon and oranges. Grab a glass of mulled wine at The Corner’s Pub and let that warmth flow through your body.

A winter classic! Cozy up with a delicious, homemade hot chocolate from Magnolia Bakery or Marmalade. If you’re up for a sugar-coma then try the cult classic banana pudding from Magnolia Bakery or a Lotus Bomb from Marmalade. Honorable mention? Rumi (scroll down to see what else they offer for cold winter nights)

Heat up your nights with some spicy Tom Yum Soup from Papaya Thai Kitchen. Not into shrimp? Try out their Chicken Green Curry for another heart-warming experience.

The Irish know what’s up when it comes to hearty winter meals. The Shepherd’s Pie from Dubliners featuring minced beef and vegetables topped with creamy mashed potatoes is exactly what the doctor ordered this winter.

You’re probably thinking, “who goes to a cigar lounge and orders onion soup?” Well, you do if you know what’s good for you this winter. The Library Lounge and Cigar Bar offers one of the best onion soups, not to mention several succulent cuts of steak that are known to be amongst the best in Amman.

Winter means drinking delicious cups of sa7lab from Abu Saleh. If you haven’t tried this quintessential winter treat then you’re clearly not doing winter right.

Ask anyone in Jordan what they think of when they think of winter foods and they will 100% answer “Shorabet Adas” aka lentil soup for the soul. If your family hasn’t already made it, check out Jenko’s Plates for this winter staple.

Ramen is good in all seasons but especially when it’s cold outside. Roe’s Brisket Ramen is exactly what this cold weather calls for. We recommend adding a boiled egg on top for the full ramen experience!

Nothing will warm you up faster than some sizzling Fahseh from Bab Al-Yemen. This shredded lamb dish comes smothered in a delectable Yemeni sauce that’ll leave you feeling all sorts of ways. Nothing ends a meal of Yemeni food better than a cup of Chai Karak with its sweet and milky goodness!

Stay hungry. Stay warm, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team