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Ramadan Guide – After Iftar Desserts

Fasting or not, we all crave a little something sweet at night. Thankfully, Amman is home to some of the best sweet-tooth approved desserts. We took on the challenge to taste the best of the best and are ready to share our After Iftar Dessert findings.

Ain’t nothing better than a chunky chewy cookie! The Hidden Gem offers just that: hidden gems in the form of a chunky cookie. Try the salted caramel fudge for an out of body experience.

What’s better than a normal cookie? A Red Velvet cookie. Baked By Zaid made the cookie of our dreams and we can’t stop thinking about their chewy goodness.

Three words: Fudge. Crinkle. Cookies. Honestly, you had us at fudge. Sally’s cookies are simply divine.

Listen, choosing a flavor at Four Winters might be one of the most difficult tasks you can ask us to do. Right now we are feeling their Cookie Dough that features an actual hunk of gooey cookie dough on top

One of our favorite dessert secrets: getting a scoop of arabic ice cream from Bekdash on top of the infamous Habiba knafeh in Al Balad. In the meantime while we wait for curfew to lift, Bekdash is delivering their delicious pistachio-encrusted Arabic ice cream.

What do you get when you layer an Oreo brownie with fudge, vanilla ice cream with another layer of vanilla ice cream, fudge, and chocolate sauce? A Baby Dynamite from Milk Cake Bakery. Salivating? Yeah, same.

Can’t decide what you’re craving? No worries, we got you covered. Yara’s Corner Ramadan Platter is a sweet tooth’s dream come true. This straight-up sugar platter comes with everything you could possibly want: cake pops, mini cakes, cookies, pistachio date balls, and more!

TheO range Bundt Cake from Hala’s Treats is BEYOND amazing. We can’t even begin to describe how incredible, moist, and mouth-watering this Orange Bundt cake is… Try it for yourself and you’ll understand our obsession.

Craving something sweet but still wanna stick to a healthy diet? Enter Caketo Bakery. They specialize in keto and gluten/sugar free desserts so you can have your (gluten-free) cake and eat it too.

It’s nearly impossible to say no to Knafeh Cheesecake from Azul Pastry. It’s literally two of the best desserts rolled into one and we couldn’t be craving it more right now.

Made famous by our fav Sex and the City ladies, Magnolia Bakery’s iconic banana pudding is truly all its amped up to be. Even if bananas aren’t your thing, this pudding will be.

Creamy Dreamy! This after iftar dessert tastes as good as it sounds, Heavenly Swirls is offering something truly “heavenly’ with their Creamy Dreamy Pistachio.

When it comes to cheesecake, it’s New York style or bust. Auntie Hanady’s honors the New York Cheesecake with their delectable recipe. Our pick? Tiramisu, trust us.

We couldn’t talk about incredible Arabic sweets without mentioning the ground-breaking Nutella Knafeh from Anabtawi. Need we say more?!

Craving some Kullaj this Ramadan? Check out Kullaj Omar for the perfect Iftar treat. Our pick? The classic Pistachio Kullaj.

Ramadan nights call for classic Turkish Baklava from the Turkish Bazaar. Pair that with some Shalgham Juice and you’ve got the recipe for a perfect Iftar.

Can confirm that the Cheesecake crepe will make you a certified Crepeaholic. Don’t believe us? Go ahead, try it for yourself.

Dip n Dip takes chocolate to a new level: the Crunchy TRIPLE Chocolate Crepe. If you ever wanted to drown yourself in chocolate, now’s your chance.

Okay, so maybe we are a bit obsessed with Lotus cookies, but can you really blame us? Crepeucinno took our Lotus obsession to a whole new level with their Lotus Cheesecake Crepe. We are NOT okay.

Keep it sweet, Tipsters!

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team