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The Weekender – Online, Home, Gym Fitness Guide

It’s been almost one year since we got hit with this COVID-19 lifestyle, and let’s be honest, we’ve all let ourselves slip a bit when it comes to our Fitness routines. Listen, we get it. Why would you workout when you could sit on your couch and watch Netflix?! Well spring and summer are around the corner, so you best believe it’s time to get your booty into shape with these sweat-inducing workouts.

Class Type: Hatha and Kundalini Tantra Yoga and Womb Yoga

Get your zen on in a COVID-19 safe space. Dany K (aka Practical.magick_) offers private and online yoga classes so that you can flow without contracting a deathly virus. Sounds nice, right?

Class type: Aerial Yoga

Classic yoga and meditation not really your thing? Get ready to flow through the air with Aerial Yoga at One with Nature. This intense yet relaxing yoga class will make you see yoga in a whole new light.

Class type: Self Defense

Ain’t nobody gonna wanna mess with you after you take She Fighter’s self defense classes. Not only will you learn invaluable life skills, but you’ll get a great workout doing it.

Class type: BJJ

Want to roll around on some mats with a friend or stranger? Well then, BJJ (Brazlian Jiu Jitsu) is the workout for you! Grab a friend and get ready to grapple.

Class type: Muay Thai 

Take out all of that pent up COVID-19 anger with a Muay Thai class. The combination of martial arts and combat sports will leave you feeling the right kind of sore and ready to take on the world and/or your worst enemy.

Class type: Zoom Barre Classes

There’s a reason ballet dancers have the best bodies … Barre is the answer to achieve your dream physique. Get your ballet booty ready to go for the spring and summer with online barre classes by Carrie.

Location: 7th circle – Dahiet Al-Amir Rashid

Looking to get fit and healthy but have no idea where to start? Dareen Natour will get you set up with a goal-based program catered to your needs. Don’t worry about big group classes or crowded gyms, she’s got a fully equipped rooftop ready for you to train in.

Location: Anywhere or Powerhut

Habeeb is an all-star trainer certified in physiotherapy and personal training who will get your body ready for those steamy Aqaba weekends.  Word to the wise: he’s a stickler for posture, so be ready to get called out for your basic-b**ch hand-on-the-hip stance.

Every class at F45 is different than the one before, so no more “ugh, I don’t feel like squats or cardio” because you won’t know what’s coming your way. Get ready to get your @$$ kicked with these 45 minute HIIT sessions that’ll leave you drenched in sweat and begging for more.

Not trying to sweat profusely with a random group of strangers? Fair enough. Fit at Home Jo offers your favorite HIIT-style classes (and more!) from the comfort of your home. That’s right, a private trainer will come to your house and whoop your butt into shape without you having to step foot inside a gym. 

Class type: Crossfit

If you don’t bring up the fact you do crossfit within the first minute of a conversation, do you really even do crossfit? Asking for a friend… Quicksand offers state of the art crossfit classes that’ll have you talking about crossfit 24/7 in no time. P.S. They also have amazing spin classes for those days you don’t feel like flipping a tire!

Class type: Pilates

Looking to make a real change in your body? Stella Fitness Jo is confident that it will have you looking better in 20 sessions and a new body in 30 with their intense and rewarding Pilates classes. Ready, set, hundreds.

Class Type: Circuit Pilates

You know you got a good workout in when your body is shaking afterwards. Challenge yourself with the Circuit Pilates class at Align Fitness & Pilates Plus and improve your balance, concentration, and strength. P.S. make sure to check out their intense full body Bungee Superfly class for a gravity-defying experience.

Listen, none of us here are exactly professional ballroom dancers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t love to get our groove (and sweat!) on. Zumba with Maryana Shnoudi will make even the worst dancers seem like they know what they’re doing (and get an incredible workout while doing it!).

For those of you who hate running but still want a bomb-a$$ cardio workout. Head over to Powerhut for some sweat-filled spin classes that’ll get your heartrate up and your bum nice and perky.

Class type: Cardio Boxing

Hook, uppercut, jab cross. Apologies ahead of time because you won’t be able to get those words out of your head.. Get ready to get your a$$ kicked with the cardio boxing classes at Ritual Studios. If you’re still alive after this class, make sure to check out their yoga sculpt and spin classes, too. 

Class type: Ladies Kickboxing

Sorry boys, this one is for the ladies. Get ready to kickbox your way into your dream bod with 0 distractions or excuses. Don’t worry boys, Meedan Jo offers MMA and boxing classes for you (and kids!), too.

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