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The Weekender – Escape The Lockdown: 10 Staycation Getaways

While you were hoping to walk the streets of Spain this summer, 2020 had different plans. But that doesn’t mean you have to limit your horizons or your vacation dreams completely. We here at Tip n’ Tag have cooked up a plan to save your inner vacationer with 10 getaways that’ll help you escape the chaos of all that is Corona talk and the anxiety that comes along with it. If you’re itching for a staycation, read on Tipsters!

Only a 45-minute drive away from the city awaits a destination you can immerse yourself in the nature of. If you’re looking to experience tranquility and calm, this is the right retreat for you, with poolside drinks awaiting at your whim.

Overlooking Yarmouk Forest Reserve and neighboring Ottoman ruins, you’ll find “ Beit Al Baraka”. If you’re a curious soul, spend your day getting to know the hidden gems of Um Qais. Organize a trip to the beekeeper, learn basket weaving, or take a hike in the mountains – all at this enchanting destination.

Forget all the vitamin tablets and boost your immune system while soaking up Amman’s plentiful sunshine this weekend. Whether you’re in the mood for some cocktails by the pool or a rejuvenating body massage, being locked down at The House is much better than being locked down at home. 

Hit the road and escape the concrete jungle to the more scenic north of The Kingdom. Experience waking up to the sight of open woodlands and the smell of crisp air. While you’re there you can be introduced to a variety of unusual wild plants and animals, one of which is a Striped Hyena – we’re serious.

Instead of fighting over who does the dishes this Friday, you can be taking a dip while watching the sunset over the Dead Sea – we know which one we’d rather do!  Kempinski makes the perfect couples getaway, with its luxurious touches and high-end facilities, you’ll feel yourself floating on cloud nine at the lowest point on earth. 

Experience a greek holiday, but with saltier water. Live on the edge (literally) and surround yourself with the charming views of the Dead Sea. Instead of having those mood swings, imagine swinging on a hammock watching the sunrise while sipping on a drink of your preference.

If you’re looking for a place away from people, Beit Al Fannan aka the House of the Artist is the one for you. Travel back in time to the Bronze Age in the rich city of Pella and discover the beauty of its surroundings. Get your inspiration flowing and escape from the city, into serenity. 

If you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, get in the car and drive down to Wadi Rum. Don’t worry, you won’t be making fire out of stone. At Luxotel you’ll experience 5-star service in the middle of the desert. Spend your night stargazing from the comfort of your own capsule and enjoy a traditional breakfast on your balcony or from your jacuzzi.

Instead of sitting in your bathtub staring at the ceiling and sipping on cheap wine, pay a visit to a place people like to call “Paradise”. Treat your body and soul to a weekend with no cars, no shouting, and just the sound of spring water drizzling all around you. 

If you’re young and craving a fun seaside staycation with friends, the Hilton Dead Sea is surely the perfect getaway. Hit up their poolside bar, order an ice-cold drink and feel your problems melt away in the sweltering sun of the Jordan Valley.

Happy Staycation, Tipsters!

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team