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The Weekender – Best Hiking Trails & Camps in Jordan

Ready to trade city lights for starlit nights and pavement for pristine trails? We at Tip n’ Tag have rounded up the best hiking trails and camps in Jordan just for you. Whether you’re tackling the trails of Dibeen or camping under the stars in Wadi Rum, we’ve got the lowdown on all the spots you need to hit.

Embark on an exhilarating hike through the breathtaking Dibeen Forest Reserve, where you’ll traverse rolling hills cloaked in the serene embrace of pine-oak habitat. As you wander, marvel at the towering Aleppo Pines, guardians of one of Jordan’s most ancient and pristine wilderness areas. With every step, immerse yourself in the pure essence of nature’s enduring allure.

Perhaps you’ve chosen to spend a night at Dana Guesthouse, or are just visiting the reserve. Either way, the Dana village tour stars at the guesthouse and walks you through a winding trail above the village through the terraced gardens and local craft workshops. Although the two kilometer hike may not be that intense, you’ll still learn a lot about Dana’s rich history, and the original Ottoman architecture at the reserve.

Anyone who’s been on a four hour hike must’ve reached their destination thinking of a cold, refreshing shower. Good thing that the canyon trail leads up to a natural waterfall. The canyon trail hike by the river stream can be a little challenging to first timers. You’ll probably want to build your way up to it at first. If you do decide on going through with it, make sure you wear the right shoes.

Hiking through the Jordan Trail has been proved to be a challenge worthy of taking. You may not walk the whole 650 kilometers, but it’s good to explore the trail with moderate hikes. One of the lesser known trails is the one that leads up to King Talal Dam from Mountain Breeze Lodge & Resort. Sure, a swimming pool and a comfortable bed may be worth luring you into the resort. Then again a hike is a great reason to escape your comfort zone.

Dorothy may have had to follow the yellow brick road, but you’ll have to follow the river. Wedged between sandstone cliffs and leading up to a rewarding waterfall, a hike on the Siq trail offers many captivating views. As it may force you to swim across pools of water, it’d be a good idea to seal your phone or camera with a ziplock bag.

One of the more commonly visited canyons in Jordan, Wadi Mujib towers above its namesake river and covers over 70 kilometers worth of land. If you follow its river, you’ll eventually end up at the Dead Sea. And what better way to conclude a hike? Below are just two of the many hike trails this canyon has to offer.

A trail named after the flowers of the area. The Rockrose trail takes you through the thick woodlands, orchards, farms and villages around the reserve. It offers breathtaking views of the West Bank, Syria and the Jordanian countryside. Not only will you unearth natural sights known to few, you’ll get to pass by a wine and olive press that date back to the Byzantine and Roman eras.

Located in the highlands of Ajloun north of the capital, this forest reserve is home to a wide variety of wild flora and fauna, archaeological ruins and some pretty cool animals. Not to mention the serene ecolodges. Simply walking through this site is rewarding in itself, but knowing that you might spot a striped hyena might just make it a little more intriguing.

Although part of the Dana Biosphere Reserve, Feynan Ecolodge offers an experience unlike any other. It’s considered the number one eco tourism destination in Jordan, and is ranked among the best 25 ecolodges worldwide, offering sanctuary to those who want to reconnect with nature and themselves.

And remember, Tipsters, the best views come after the hardest climbs.

Lemur Love,
The Tip n’ Tag Team