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The Weekender – 9 Nocturnal Night Spots

The night is young, the clock hit one and last order was half an hour ago. Why head home when you can get one last drink and bite to eat? Sure, you might think that liquor stores are closed, or that you won’t find a gourmet meal. You’re mostly right, but as always, the Tip n’ Tag Team is here. We’ve got a few spots for you to hit up when the clock nears two.

Uncle Sam

A true buzzkill is when a bartender tells you to beat it after midnight, just when you started to get into the mood of a friendly bender. That’s where the trusty Uncle Sam comes in, with its doors open till 3:00 a.m.

Shai W Na3Na3

Breakfast is the most important meal, and when better to have it than before the crack of dawn? Shai W Na3na3 have their doors open ‘round the clock, so you can sip on your tea, without having to feel rushed.

Pizza Antichi

A drunken night needs a drunken meal, and that’s why the gods sent you Pizza Antichi. Whether it’s pasta you’re craving, wings or fries, your midnight munchies will survive up to 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. depending on the day of the week.


Out on a midnight walk, suddenly craving a frappuccino? Where better to delight in that flavor than at Starbucks? They’re open around the clock, so you can sit down and even enjoy your caffeinated beverage with an early breakfast sandwich.


Three pillars in life are tacos, burgers and hotdogs. If your ravenous hunger has given you midnight pangs, Papa’s has you covered, regardless of the hour. Life doesn’t get sweeter, or more savory, than that.

Abu Mariam Restaurant

Why not Mashawi at 2 in the morning? It makes total sense! In the case of you getting a craving for traditional barbecue, Abu Mariam is serving up hot and juicy meat till 3:00 a.m. You can always go for the mazzeh.

Zaatar W Zeit

Zaatar W Zeit is ready to serve the hungry soul day and night. Not to be confused with the supermarket, this delicious joint serves the freshest of breakfast platters and dessert, satisfying most of your midnight cravings.

Buffalo Wings & Rings

Why have one last meal of the night, when you can throw in a pitcher of beer to down what you’re munching on? Buffalo Wings and Rings has its kitchen ready to serve you whatever your heart desires, up until half past two.

Ward & Kabab

Had a lot of Arak, and need something proper to chow down on? What better than mashawi? You can always go for a lighter alternative and enjoy a kabab roll at Ward & Kabab. This midnight haven welcomes you regardless of the hour.

 You decide when to call it a night.

Lemur Love, 

The Tip n’ Tag Team